Soup writers K.P. Anderson and Tess Rafferty explain to me—and by extension, you—what happened to our Cheaters clips at Tuesday's clip meeting.

K.P.: Hey, everyone in the universe! We had a clip meeting today. That's when we sit around and watch all the best parts of all the shows that have been on TV since Friday. We do it every Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. and have for the past three and a half you'd think my mom would stop calling me every Tuesday at 3:15, right? To talk about what? "It's raining here. Is it raining there?" Or this is a good one, "I watched that Chelsea Handler...She is funny!" Or something no one cares about like, "They turned off my heat." Cry me a river, old lady. I've got work to do.

Tess showed a Cheaters clip that was funnier than the midget thing. Sorry, "little person".

Tess: We just came from our clip meeting, and so far two Cheaters clips have made it. Now, to be fair, I fear I may have oversold the “Little People Cheaters” clips. Truth is, I drink a little when I watch these shows. OK, a lot. I dare you to watch 100 plus episodes of Cheaters and not feel the need to self-medicate. It’s nothing but people refusing to believe the most obvious signs that they are being cheated on by people they should be glad to be done with in the first place. But I digress.

So watching Cheaters as I did Sunday night—following an afternoon of wine tasting—I totally forgot how great the other Cheaters clips were that I actually brought into the clip meeting and that are now in our show. For now. Stay tuned.

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