Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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Despite icy temps here in Hell-Ay, the red carpet was revvin' hot Monday night at the Golden Globe Awards. And how could it not be, with the likes of Brangelina struttin' their sultry stuff? But believe it or not, baby-dolls, not everyone was feelin' the Brad 'n' Angie bliss.

Take the poor dudes from Entourage, for ince. Not only did their HBO offering lose to Ugly Betty in the Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy category, but they had to share the spotlight in a serious way.

Kevin Connelly

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"The four of us [including castmates Adrian Grenier, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon] came in the same limo...we get out; we're all getting ready," said shorty stud Kevin Connolly, "and Brad and Angelina pull up right behind us. I said to the guys, 'This is gonna be a short trip down the carpet.' They stepped out of the car, and they were like superstars. It was unbelievable."

Jack Nicholson, Lorraine Nicholson

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Also unbelievable was the fact that two of the biggest Hollywood he-ho's brought friggin' family members as their dates. Jeremy Piven squired his mama yet again, while Jack Nicholson escorted his darling daughter Lorraine. Sweet, sure, but what ever happened to the Hollywood player? 

Also givin' parental props was newcomer nominee Masi Oka, from Heroes, when asked who his own hero was. "My superhero is always my mom," he said, all Ernest-goes-to-Hollywood. "To be a single mom and raise a child all alone...I don't think there's anything more heroic than that."

Teri Hatcher, Stephen Kay

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Oh, speaking of single moms, did you all see who Teri Hatcher brought as her date?

None other than her new beau, Stephen Kay, who just so happens to be a former boy-toy of Eva Longoria (who strutted solo, for the romantic record). Guess she believes in recycling.

Nicollette Sheridan came with Michael Bolton, and Felicity Huffman was escorted by hubby William H. Macy. "Are you more nervous or excited?" I inquired.

"Fifty-fifty!" she exclaimed, as she dashed by.

But where in the world was Marcia Cross, who was also up for an award?

James Denton

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"She's on her back, doing bed rest and playing it safe," Desperate dude James Denton dished about her absence. Poor preggers thing!

"She's doing great," he assured moi. "We just shot at her house last week, which was really gracious [of her]. She claims she's going to be back for the finale, but we'll see."

I asked Ricardo Chavira which Desperate diva he was rooting for. "Either one would be great," he answered, all politically correct and yawn-inducing.

"And whoever takes it," he continued, "the other one will be very gracious about it. They love each other very much."

Almost as much as Jen Aniston loves Angelina, right?

Sharon Stone

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Along those same kissin'-costars lines was my query for Sharon Stone. Rumors have been flyin' that she and her Bobby costar Christian Slater have been gettin' hot and heavy lately.

"Are you dating Christian Slater?" I yelled, as she swept by us panting press types.

Christian Slater

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I just wanted to see if she'd confirm Christian's side of the story, which I got him to give me at the Critics' Choice Awards Friday night. "I wish I could say they were true," he demurred. "It's one of those things you get accused of and you wish you were guilty of. But unfortunately, not this time."

Oh, whatever, you two. You should be getting it on together.

Jennifer Hudson

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Jennifer Hudson and Helen Mirren were big winners at the Critics' Choice Awards as well as the Globes, those lucky gals. They had some serious celebrating to do Monday night, fer sure, and yours truly will be on party patrol all night long.

So, be sure to get your butts back here tomorrow for all the latest starry sightings and scoop, from the In Style/Warner Bros. bash to our very own E!/EMA Global Green get-down and much more Golden Globes goodness.

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