Oh, what will the hexed exes of Paris and Nicole do fer horny fun from now on? Maybe somethin' old, as well as somethin' new? Find out, all you dreamboat detectives!

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Okay, since I was such a tease yesterday about who DJ AM's pallin' around town with these days, I'll tell you first thing today, right up front: It's newly legal Michelle Trachtenberg. Cristina Gibson and our new intern, Kristin Ornelas, spotted the twosome lunchin' on Wednesday (which also happened to be Mich's 21st birthday) at the overpriced Urth Caffé on Melrose. Hell-Ay.
Michelle Trachtenberg

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Adam had on jeans, a black tee and black Nikes to match the black eye he's been sporting lately (boyfriend, whuh happened?), while Michelle-doll was in a jersey dress and striped sweater. The low-key duo snagged a corner table by the window and chatted over tortilla soup. Like, cream is in that stuff! I love that Ms. T. had the cojones to put it down her gullet--you go, girl.

For the romantic record, there was no obvious canoodling or hand-holding. So, for all I know, they could just be buds. Ya know, like Vaughniston--catch my no-nooky drift? Then again, from what I hear, Vince 'n' DJ are entirely diff dudes, so who the hell knows? I just adore M.T. and think she deserves the best.

After all, Mich's known to have a lot of guy friends, like Pete Wentz, even though she may or may not still be with b-f Shawn Ashmore. Date 'em all, babe!

Paris Hilton

Jerome Ware/ZUMApress.com

And if Michelle's puttin' a few (recycled?) fellahs to good use, so, too, I believe, is our fave heiress, P. Hilton.

Remember how I told you about Paris hittin' the retread boy-bin? Seems she just can't get enough of Stavros Niarchos these days. After their run-in with Shanna Moakler at Hyde last week, P. 'n' Stav decided to make a much more plebeian, albeit public, show of thangs.

Stavros Niarchos

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Hell-Ay's tourist-happy Grove (Oprah's couch may be the only place on Earth more visible) was P.& S.'s choice of look-at-me locales. They caught a movie on Tuesday, while everybody caught them in the process, looking "very, very cozy," claimed bystanders with buttery fingers and such. I guess old habits (and gallivanting Greek shipping sons) die hard, huh?

Especially in the ol' sack-a-rooney, I hear.

Bruce Willis

ALM 109/Most Wanted/ZUMApress.com

Bruce Willis, boiling his shaved head in the sun. The Coliseum on Saturday for the USC versus U-Dub game. Bruce-babe was wavin' his muscular arms around to show support for the Trojans. Rockin' butt-huggin' denim and a Trojan tee, the ultra-loud fan mingled with his own li'l entourage in between pacing up and down the field. Don't worry, Bruce, your boys won--and you got a tan! Playin' to crowds elsewhere was...

Aaron Carter, hittin' the catwalk at the YMI Denim show. Wednesday at Social. The audience seemed semi-excited for the youngest Carter's modeling efforts. Older, cuter bro Nick was in the audience and lookin' more doable, blond highlights buzzed off, slightly slimmer now, too. Others reportedly more mattress-worthy in the flesh elsewhere include...

Vince Vaughn, kickin' it at the post pah-tay for Kevin Spacey's new show. Old Vic Theatre in London. V.V. appeared "slim, yummyish and tall" in an oversize sweater and jeans as he was smoking like a chimney, said Desk Nicotine Watch. My London looky-loo also reported that Vincey "didn't seem very interested" in the lovely honeys chatting him up and stuck to hangin' with costars Mr. Spacey and Anthony Head. On the way-too-skinny end of the spectrum was a bony...

Kimberly Stewart

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Kimberly Stewart, workin' out her nonbod at a 10:30 spin class. Train in WeHo. Evidently, Kimbo is a big fan of the inky hue: Rod's offspring drove a black Range Rover, wore black boots and black biker pants. (Who the eff wears boots to spin class?) "She did okay, but not good enough to keep up with Mance and Jakey," sassed my sweater-upper who obviously seems to prefer the company of the purty boys. Can't say I blame her!

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