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Greetings, tuberinos! Today is Fox's big day at the New York upfronts. It isn't just huge fun, it's scoopy good too.

Click in to find out what I learned from Emily Deschanel on what's in store for Booth and Bones. Also, check out Summer Glau spilling on Cameron's fate and Wentworth Miller dishing about Michael Scofield's messed-up love life.

Live From the Red Carpet

Bones:  From the sound of it, the finale has good stuff on the Bones-Booth front. According to Emily Deschanel, Bones is very "emotional" about Booth being shot, and it sounds like it advances their romance a bit!

Dollhouse:  More on this later, but for now let me just say that when I talked to Joss Whedon about how awesome it was that two of his best Whedonverse girls (Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau) were here together, he said, "Yes. It's such a waste. I don't even have a casting couch. Just a chair." Love.

Fringe:  Joshua Jackson is back! The man is hilarious, and when I pried about where the series might go after the pilot, he said, "What? Do you think this is my first time at the rodeo? I can't tell you that! I'll be killed." (He was being chaperoned by Bad Robot badass Bryan Burk, so perhaps his fears were legitimate.)

Prison Break:  Wentworth Miller said that if he had to describe the fourth season, the phrase "the Dirty Seven" comes to mind, as all our fave guys join forces to defeat the Company. He also confirmed that Michael might finally get some action this year and that he's getting his tattoo removed. Wentworth said that the tattoo removal is a bittersweet thing for him, since that was such a key part of the character in the first two seasons. As for the move to Los Angeles, Dominic Purcell said, "It's about time!" Apparently the actors were promised such a move in the middle of season one, but it's just now that it's come to pass.

Terminator:  Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau seemed extremely excited about season two of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles—not just that there is going to be a season two, but what it's going to be about. I got the distinct impression something radical happens in the first episode. Speaking of radical, Thomas has shaved his head—he did a movie about a cancer patient—but he wouldn't say anything about whether John Connor was having a similar style switch, because apparently that plays into the upcoming plot twists. And Summer assured me Cameron is definitely back, even though she got blowed up in the finale. I suspect that her return has something to do with that radical change...


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Presentation Nearly Live Liveblog 

3:53:  Can someone please explain to me how it is that Joss Whedon, J.J. Abrams, Mitchell Hurwitz and WBTV boss Peter Roth are seated in the next section over from me? This seems confused and wrong. Perhaps their tickets were misprinted?

4:10:  Montage, baby! Featuring, yes, Dollhouse footage. It involves three automatic weapons and Eliza Dushku. Hells yes.

4:13:  Dude, Fox has all its stars arrayed on stage in lines like they're up for Miss America. It's very competitive to see who gets the most applause. So far? Wenty wins. And no one prepped this announcer about how to pronounce any of these names. He's breaking his mouth.

4:13:  David and Emily are doing the first intro! Emily tells David to stop lying about him picking out her shoes.

4:23:  Fox boss Peter Liguori is a tall drink of water.

4:29:  Kevin Reilly is definitely the most dapper network president. Kevin says Fringe is going to be the event appointment series in the fall. Ya think? "J.J. has a remarkable track record discovering ingenues." The latest of these, says Kevin, is Anna Torv and...Yay! Preview.

4:31:  Fringe looks scary and awesome! Flight 627 is the new Flight 815...but less attractive. Instead of Josh Holloway and Naveen Andrews, you get dead goo people—like zombies made of snot. Josh Jackson's character tells Anna Torv's character that his mad-scientist father will (eventually) kill her. Awww, in-laws are so crazy.

4:37:  Dollhouse looks sexy and awesome! The music track is waaay too loud. I can't hear all the Jossy talk, but Olivia Williams appears to be magnificent. Check it out for yourself at

4:41:  Prison Break and Bones come back the week of Aug. 25.

4:56:  Kiefer is here! He uncynically thanks Fox and the advertisers for what he calls "the best seven years of my life," and the audience applauds heartily. He tells us the writers had time this year to arc out a season-long map and that he believes this is the best season ever and then shows us the new-season trailer: Jack Bauer is being investigated by Congress for torture (he says he'd do it all again), Tony Almeida is trying to bring down the utility grid through the CTU computer system, and cars are falling out of the sky. What's not to love?

5:01:  According to Reilly, Idol will have primarily half-hour results shows next season.

5:05:  Whee! The guy who plays Vinnie Van Lowe on Veronica Mars is in Fox's new single-camera family comedy Outnumbered. I adore that dude.

5:11:  The Cleveland Show trailer involves a family of bears and cracks about Kevin Reilly's faaah-bulous hair.

5:15: Reilly says it's cliché to have dancing at an upfront, but what the hey. The So You Think You Can Dance kids are here! Benji, Lacey, Sabra, Ivan, Nick, Hok, Travis and many more. They do a little of everything: hip-hop, ballroom, swing and ballet. Talked to Cat Deeley this morning and will fill you in on it all in Monday's chat, but she says Utah is the dance hot spot of the nation.

Meanwhile, the Fox party at Wollman Rink in Central Park is the hot spot of the moment, so I have to run, but I'll check back in later!

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