Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), Jared Padelecki (Supernatural)

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Hey, tubers! Lots of questions to tackle today, starting with the most tackleable cast around... 

Joel in Bountiful, Utah: The Friday Night Lights season-two DVD set is coming out Apr. 22. This appears to me to be an excellent opportunity to show support for the show. Pre-order, pre-order, pre-order!
Absolutely! By the way, we're hearing that (a) as of today, the DirecTV deal is "almost done" and that (b) agents have been calling their FNL cast clients and telling them season three is a go. We're getting very close to a celebration...and official announcement. Until then, I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Carly in Orlando, Florida: I need my Barnito Supreme fix…and I ain't talking 'bout Taco Bell!
Barney Stinson and friends return with an all-new ep on Mar. 17, St. Patrick's Day, and I'm hearing your man will be sporting a holiday-appropriate suit! I'm also told we're getting closer to finding out the Mother—and so is Ted. Let's just say we'll catch a glimpse of the umbrella lady again soon.

Marcella in Madrid: I cannot believe how evil some of the readers are! They call you stupid because you say Sun’s pregnancy may be shorter because of Island time. What is this problem of theirs?
Their problem is that they are right: I am moronic. Yunjin Kim was just in the E! building for a guest spot on our satellite radio show Yo on E! (available on XM and Sirius), and she said the following of Sun’s bumpity future: “Well, I figure I’ll stay pregnant for about another two seasons. Since we’re only on 100 days on the Island, and we’ve been on the show for four, you have to remember...I feel pretty safe. I’m still not wearing any type of pregnancy pad on the show, so I think I’ve got about two more seasons in me.” I had thought that Sun’s body might be on real time, but the Island is on slower time, so she would pop that puppy out sooner. But I will quietly plop on my dunce hat and sit in the corner.

Sarah in Portland, Oregon: Is it true we're getting 30 half-hours of The Office next season?

John Krasinski, The Office

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

I'm hearing that NBC actually requested 32 half-hours, but producers think that's just beyond the pale, so it could settle out at 30 after all. Meanwhile, ABC has requested 24 hours of Desperate Housewives next season. I'm also told that DH is able to do seven new eps  to finish out this season by working seven consecutive Saturdays, so when the show returns, you raise a glass to the cast and crew for putting their backs into it.

Helen in Miami: Any word on Grey's Anatomy? How many more episodes will we get?
There will be five more this season, and I'm hearing that like DH, the cast will be working six-day work weeks to get it all done. Holler! And by the way, I have to mention the most amusing thing that's happened to me in a very long time (does this make my life sad? Probably): My husband and I are house hunting, and one day we saw a little house we thought would be great to, you know, live in. And while there we ran into Ellen Pompeo , who was checking out the same be a guest house. So, now you know the difference between being a major star on a hit TV show and watching television for a living. (And Ellen was cool as could be when we ran into her. I dig that girl.)

Helene in Los Angeles: I heard October Road might be axed. First they took my What About Brian and now this?!  Pleeeease say it ain't so. 
My best advice is to watch tonight's two-hour finale, because if there's an uptick in the ratings, ABC might consider keeping it around. But I'm also hearing a rumor that both Lifetime and the CW are interested in taking the Road on should ABC cancel it. Cross your fingers that one of these options works out because several castmembers say we won't learn who Sam's daddy is otherwise. Tonight's episode is high stakes, but doesn't provide resolution to the series' major questions. 

Monica in Orange, California: OMG! You have Life info! I love you! Now, tell me, do I have to worry about season two? I heard three of the writers left. Is my show doomed?
At least according to still-standing show runner Rand Ravich, everything's gonna be fine. He told me, "It was a learning process. Charlie's a very difficult person to write; it’s a very fine line. Season one was about learning what the show needed, and I think every first season is kind of a shakedown with crews. I don’t think there were any hard feelings [from the people that left], I just think people went on to do what they want to."

Carlito in Seattle: Thanks for the Entourage scoop! Care to share anything else?
When next we meet the boys, some time has elapsed. Okay, a lot of time. Drama says they've already shot 54 episodes of Five Towns, and E has three whole management clients—not to mention his very own assistant! Also, you know how we were joking about NBC chief Ben Silverman guesting on 30 Rock? It looks like it might actually happen in the season premiere of Entourage!

Kyle in Bronxville, New York: Any info yet on the return of Mad Men?
I'm interviewing the whole cast tonight, so send in your Q's right quick and check back soon for dish on all the Men

Josh in Miami: I'm flying in to L.A. for some of the Paley Center for Media's TV Fest events. Will you be there?
Absolutely! In fact, I'll be moderating the Pushing Daisies panel. And Lost boss Damon Lindelof will be moderating for Chuck. Yay! For those of you who can't make it to L.A., keep checking Watch with Kristin for writeups on what you missed and exclusive bonus clips. You can also check out the official Paley Fest blog, and the Gossip Girl event will be streamed live from the website. If you see someone who looks like me screaming like a lunatic "Penn Badgley, I loooove you!!" please note that I have a very common-looking face.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Anne in Ames, Iowa: Any news on the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy?
It looks like they're casting for a grumpy old man to yell at Lexie and make her think about regret, and for a newlywed couple whose medical situation makes Meredith think about the risk inherent in commitment and/or the dangers of cars crashing into 18-wheelers. 

Jonas in New Orleans: I love Supernatural so very much. Could you please give me some scoop on it?
Only ‘cause ya asked so sweetly! Okay, I’m hearing of a huge season-ending shocker involving Dean that I’d tell you about, but, well, it involves a word I normally have to spell out with double hockey sticks, ‘cause I’m just so sweet and demure like that. But let’s just say it might be one of the biggest jaw-droppers in Supernatural history—at least in my humble, Dean-loving opinion!

Yunjin Kim, Lost


Teddy in New York: I’ve been so patient trying to not read spoilers about the Oceanic Six, but I’m about ready to crack! When will we learn the final two?
Yunjin tells us, “You are going to find out who the Oceanic Six members are, finally, at the end of episode seven.” That’s this week! Until then, bite down on a stick.

Nate in Long Island: Anything worth looking forward to on Lost?
Cynthia Watros (Libby) is back next week! Not in the present, of course. But still, I’ll take it. And she reappears the same week that Michael (Harold Perrineau) really reappears, so that’s all kinds of awesome. Also, did you hear there’s a funeral this week? Oops. If not, I may have said too much...

Franci in Paramus, New Jersey: Any news about Lost?
You know what I said in the Watch with Kristin Show about taller ghost Walt being explained in episode eight? Sometimes I talk crazy, and time travel will not explain Walt's wanderings (at least not anytime soon). Walt does appear in episode eight, but 100-percent-trustworthy sources tell me that during his blink-of-an-eye appearance, "He is exactly the size that a nine-year-old should be." And Walt's Island visitations are alluded to in episode 10, but that's it for explaining the mysteries of Walt for the rest of this much-shorter-than-it-should-be season four.

One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray

The CW

Ginny in Rhode Island: This season of One Tree Hill has been so good. Any way we'll get rid of Lindsey? I’m all about Peyton.
Heeeyyy! I really like Michaela McManus, so you take that back. And sorry to burst your Peyton-pimping bubble, but I’m hearing that although Lucas and Lindsey hit a (majorish) snag, he pines over her for quite some time. His feelings for her apparently run pretty deep. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget that One Tree Hill moves to Mondays effective Apr. 7. Set your DVR! 

AJ in Casa Grande, Arizona: Jericho! Anything...seriously...anything...This show is great.
One of the producers told me about the upcoming episode seven, "I would say the end of season two is probably the biggest thing I've ever seen in a produced television show." I wonder if it's a view of the 600,000 people in Cheyenne, Wyoming... 

Jessica in Montreal: Any scoop on my fellow Canadian cuties, the boys of Smallville?
I’m hearing someone gets paralyzed and someone gets dead. Both are pretty huge twists! Guesses? Comment below! Also, Lex is getting closer to figuring out Clark’s secret.
Moonlight, Sophia Myles

Cliff Lipson/CBS

Renee in Mullica Hill, New Jersey: Any news about Moonlight?
In the first ep back, "Fated to Pretend," Mick invites Beth over to his place so he can make her dinner. They agree that, yes, it's a date. (Try not to squee too loud. I've heard really high-pitched sounds are distressing to vampire detectives, what with the superhearing and all.) Oh, and then Beth gets taken hostage and Josef helps Mick kill some bad vamps so they can save her. Oh, all right, fine: Squee.

Jennie in Calabasas, California: So excited that How I Met Your Mother is coming back this month! Any dish?
Aside from that casting news about ol' Britney what's her face, be prepared to watch Ted and Barney tear up the town. I'm told they're on their worst behavior—making out with married chicks, charging bottles of Cristal to someone else's tab, ditching their dates to get into a club with more hot girls and ending a couple's engagement—all within a couple of episodes.

Grace in Buckhead, Georgia: Any How I Met Your Mother scoop?
I'm hearing Stinson's foolproof game soon faces an obstacle or two when a mysterious chick—burned by the Barnana, no doubt—starts warning women all over town of his playa ways.
Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Kaitlyn from West Hollywood, California: There is a serious lack of Desperate Housewives scoop right now! What's going to happen with Carlos and Gabby when the show comes back?
Not to worry. Our favorite Housewives went back into production last week and episodes return on Apr. 13! According to Eva Longoria Parker, the show "starts back right where they left off, which is Carlos is blind and Gabby doesn't know, so that's going to evolve into something more with the last seven episodes that we have."

Mike in Pasadena, California: Thanks for having Raja from Aliens in America on your show! Any more scoop?
Wasn't he great?! Seriously. Love that guy. In the Mar. 16 episode, Justin is horrified to learn he is starring opposite his mommy, the MILF-licious Franny, in a community theater production of Rent. Click here to watch the two perform "Light My Candle," it's good stuff. Also, Raja and Claire have a fantastic romantic-like storyline coming up. I sorta loved the twist!

April in Springfield, New Jersey: Did you ever get confirmation on whether The Office will make a time leap forward when it returns?
Indeed. Insiders say the writers have ultimately decided that after their first episode back (the dinner party, written prestrike), they will jump ahead several months. I hear Brothers & Sisters is also doing a time jump, moving three months ahead of where we last saw the Walkers. 

Judy in Indianapolis: Gossip Girl!
I'm hearing our girl Blair soon hatches a plan to make her way back up the social ladder. But not before she's stood up by a party of five former friends at her favorite sushi restaurant. 

Sam in Sarasota, Florida: Any scoop on what the deal will be with Rufus and Lily when Gossip Girl returns?
Not much. I hear Rufus and a new chica make good use of the apartment when Dan and Jenny take a trip to visit their mom.

Goran Visnjic

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Andrew in Los Angeles: After all these years, I still enjoy my standing Thursday night date with ER. Any info on what's in store?
In the upcoming ep "Owner of a Broken Heart," we learn that Gates and Sam had a close encounter of the hottest kind, but they agree to be sensible and put it behind them. Sure, guys. Good luck with that. And Kovac is back! And Archie Morris tasers himself! (Because he's an idiot!) (But that's why we love him!) 

Chelsea in Honolulu: Any Criminal Minds dish? I miss that show!
Just that those of you who have been asking for JJ-centric storylines are going to be quite happy with the third episode back. 

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—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin and Korbi Ghosh
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