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If you ask me, last night's "Four Months Ago" is the best episode of Heroes since "Company Man." And that's sayin' something.

Kristen Bell kicked booty. Ditto for David Anders. And (spoiler alert) did you see that kiss? Yowza! Plus, most important, some big questions and plot points were finally paid off—including the insane reason Maya and Alejandro are on the lam.

Curious—was Lost boss Damon Lindelof right when he said it would only take one good episode to turn the Heroes haters around? Do tell me in the Comments section below, 'cause I'm dying to know. Are you skeptics back in? I sure hope so.

In the meantime, let's dissect what went down and what lies ahead...and get a special visit from my favorite assless-chaps-wearing Hero: Mr. Greg Grunberg! 


  1. Elle is a sociopath with a massive schoolgirl crush on Peter, and she has some seriously fabulous outfits. (Maybe she just needs to get out more?)
  2. On that fateful (first-season finale) night, Peter said he was using "everything within [his] power not to explode" over the New York skyline. So, now we finally know why Nathan had to get all ballsy and fly away with him—Peter couldn't fly.
  3. In present day, David Anders is so deliciously Sark-like, I half expect Dixon or Syd to round the corner and kick his ass in any given scene. Love It. Also, this 400-year-old dude has either a conscience or a plan. He kept up his side of the bargain with Peter and cured Nathan. Which reminds me...
  4. Adam's healing powers work on other people. Just add blood. Ditto for Claire. Swear to G, I don't know, but they have to be related, right? Which also makes Adam and Peter genetically linked?
  5. Step aside, Sally Field! Maya was the world's cutest novice nun. Also, she really doesn't like bridezillas. (Good thing she didn't know me back when.) Clearly, it's best to not mess with this girl. And yet, Sylar is sinking in his claws...
  6. The Haitian hangs with Elle but doesn't follow her orders.
  7. Micah is such a big fan of 9th Wonders! comics he asked for a 9th Wonders! birthday cake. Awww!
  8. D.L., we hardly knew ye. Shot in the heart by a random thug, he'd just started to get his life (and his family's life) on track. No wonder Niki fell off the wagon. The system failed her.
  9. Niki, Jessica and, now, Gina. You know, once you hit three personalities, all bets are off. I think we could get all the way to an even dozen before that woman's brain gets too full.
  10. Peter Petrelli, as embodied by Milo Ventimiglia, is amazingly powerful, strong and hot. Always thought it was Nathan who was meant to be the show's alpha male, but lo and behold, the younger son emerges from behind his brother's shadow. Let it be said now that Milo V isn't ever going anywhere but his trailer and that set.

Things We Already Knew That Were Reemphasized in This Episode

  1. Bob is eeevil. Even if he isn't evil in the devil-worshipping way, he's sort of evil in the corporate-Ryan way from The Office.
  2. Monica is adorable.
  3. Aunt Uhura is a silver fox.
  4. Kristen Bell and David Anders can freakin' act.


  1. Next week, HRG and West are going to buddy up. (I know. Kooky.)
  2. Hiro sees his daddy again.
  3. Matt Parker can do so much more than read people's minds! I'll tell you what else he can do, but first...stop what you are doing and give me a million dollars.
  4. Suresh slips further down into the dark side. Boo...
  5. Elle asks if Suresh's superpower is to be a punching bag. Ha!
  6. Bob and Clairebear meet up. This is not good.
  7. We find out who killed Kaito Nakamura. And yes, it's someone we know. And his motive is revenge.
  8. Hiro is pissed.
  9. You're gonna love it.
  10. Next week, someone's going to die. And you are not going to like who is going to die. You're not gonna like it one bit. (And neither is Claire...Whoops. Did I say that out loud?) Anyway, yeah, get ready to freak.

And now, ladies and gentletubers, I leave you with Greg Grunberg, who is always a good time. He sheds some light on his buddy Suresh and his powers...

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