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Hello, my fellow TV addicts. WWK intern Michael Berner, aka Manna White, here to bring you the latest update on Weeds while Korbi and Jen are playing wedding crashers at Kristin’s nuptials in San Diego.

As you may remember, last season Weeds ended with almost the entire cast caught in a tight spot. The third season picks up directly where we left off and looks like it just might be the best year yet...or maybe I'm just overly excited by the preview they showed us. A good five minutes of nonstop laughter. By the way, we're getting 15 episodes this time around, a nice 90-minute bump up from last season!

Here are all the goods I got from the cast, including new additions Mary-Kate Olsen and Matthew Modine, at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour:

Mary-Kate Olsen

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New Neighbors:  Life in the small community of Agrestic is turned upside down when developers build a new community nearby, named Majestic. The new establishment brings in several fresh characters, including real estate magnate Sullivan Groff (Mathew Modine) and the good, Christian, girl-next-door Tara Lindman (Mary-Kate Olsen). Also, look for Carrie Fisher to pop up in an episode.

The High Life:  Creator Jenji Kohan tells us this season can be summed up as “evolution of a gangster. [Nancy] will own what she does and will be comfortable in her skin with that role." She also says “this season is a return to family.” But don’t forget that kiss with Conrad in the season finale—romance is not dead on Weeds, and Nancy sleeps with several cast members this season.

Higher Power:  Mary-Kate Olsen's character comes into the show, shacks up with Hunter Parrish’s character, Silas, and gets high on a little herb. But wait, isn’t she supposed to be an obedient, God-fearing young gal? Jenji says, "[Tara] is comfortable with her Christianity and her recreational drug use. We’re not necessarily poking fun at religion. We’re poking fun at the commerce of religion."

Happily Ever After:  Weeds won’t end anytime soon, but when it does goes off the air, don’t expect it to end happily ever after. Jenji tells us, “Some people will be happy, others won’t. Is there ever a perfect happy ending? I don’t know...it’s a harsh life. I don’t think there will be that happy ending or tragic ending in Weeds. There’s always something in the middle.”

Little Boxes:  Following in season two’s footsteps, season three features new versions of the popular theme song. Look for Randy Newman to open the season and later versions in Spanish and Russian. Also, Kinky performs a take on that little tune that's guaranteed to stay in your head for hours.

Michael Berner

Well, my fellow Weeds fans, I can say for sure that this season is one you don’t want to miss. Tune in to Showtime Mon., Aug. 13, to check out the latest goings-on among our favorite potheads.

Also, don’t forget to check out Korbi’s Quickie for the next few weeks, as fellow intern Lindsey Osborne and I will be running the show! See you there!

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