Brothers & Sisters: Dave Annable, Emily VanCam


Apparently Emily VanCamp has a thing for brothers.

But wait! Before you let your mind completely sink into the gutter, I should tell you that I'm not in any way talking about real life (Emily has three sisters, thank you very much!) but rather the actors who play her make-believe brothers on TV.

First, she had a lengthy relationship with Chris Pratt, who played her brother Bright on Everwood. And now, sources close to her latest TV home, Brothers & Sisters, confirm that Emily has been getting cozy in recent weeks with her new onscreen sibling (and former Kate Walsh arm candy) Dave Annable.

Clearly, a sad day for those of us who consider a single Dave to be a shining beacon of possible Future Husbandry. But a good day for Brothers fans who've been rooting for Emily's character, Rebecca (a recently discovered half-sister who resulted from their father's secret affair), to fully integrate herself into the Walker family.

Plus, you know, these two are both just so insanely likeable in real life, you can't help but root for 'em, right?

What do you all think? Weigh in below...

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