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Okay, how much do you love this shot of Cristina all frouffed out in that wedding dress? Shades of Carrie "Hives" Bradshaw, no? We'll get to Miss Yang's nuptial news and the fate of Gizzie versus Gallie, but first, a little scoop of the non-spoilery variety, courtesy of your lovely Q's... 

Elliot in Sacramento: Have you heard anything good about the Grey's Anatomy spinoff?
And how. Studio insiders tells me the first hour of Private Practice’s pilot (which airs as a Grey’s episode in May) is close to completion and is so "fearlessly good" it’s the most likely of all ABC pilots to receive a pickup. Also, how's this for a juicy little casting tidbit: According to sources, Taye Diggs was originally supposed to play a recurring role on Ugly Betty, but then got offered a series-regular role on Private Practice and jumped ship. A few weeks on Betty...or the chance to become the new McHot Guy? I think he made the right choice, don’t you?

Glenn in Eugene, Oregon: Is Grey's going to suffer now that the spinoff is on the way? Will the writers be pulling double duty?
Grey's writer Mark Wilding tells me the spinoff would probably be staffing "new writers," rather than cannibalizing the Grey's staff. And great news for Buffy fans, it looks like former BTVS boss Marti Noxon has been tapped to run the spinoff.

Jess in Brisbane, Australia: Word on the street (according to Robert Bianco of USA Today) is that Veronica Mars has had its fate decided and has been canceled! Please, oh wonderful Kristin, Angel of the Underdogs, have you any hope to offer the fans of Veronica Mars for a fourth season?
If I hear from one more person that the show is canceled, I’m gonna, I'm gonna...make out with Logan. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise. Anyway, yes, the rumors are flying, but Rob Thomas and my sources inside the CW are standing firm that there is most certainly hope for the show. And the best news of all is that Rob is coming here this week to appear as the guest on my next Vine show! So, if you have any questions for Rob, please send them in via email ( Or, if you can get your hands on a Webcam and can submit a video question via the Upload Videos link at left, let's just say your question would have a very good chance of making it in!

Kevin in Chester Heights, Pennsylvania: Will Heroes have a new cast of characters in season two? Any info on this?
First off, if you want Heroes dish and you haven't already checked out today's all-Heroes edition of the Vine, watch it now for tons of scoopage from the stars themselves. Secondly, mastermind Tim Kring told me about season two, "There are plans to add one new, one big character next season." I’m told that character is female—to even out the gender ranks a wee bit. Tim also told me that those Heroes who remain are likely to stick around, 'cause he's changed his m.o. "I thought Heroes was going to have an ever-shifting cast," he says, "but the cast hit in such big ways that now the challenge is to figure out how to use them all and still fold in a couple of new people, because I still think that the origin stories are the most fascinating, in some ways."

Paul in Los Angeles: Can Drive survive? The ratings have not exactly been astronomical, and we all know what happened to Firefly, The Inside and Wonderfalls. Please tell me Fox might actually let this one grow before slamming on the brakes. I can't get enough of this show!
You and me both. There are no guarantees from Fox that Drive will carry on. When I recently interviewed Tim Minear, even he told me, "I'm a little bit like the characters in the race. The powers that be don't tell me anything, but they make me do things against my will." Jokes aside, he noted that Drive has gotten a huge marketing push from the network, and Peter Liguori has been very supportive, so I think there's a good chance Fox will give Drive a chance to shift into a higher gear!

Aaron in Lansing, Michigan: How long will Smallville be on the air?
Sources tell me the majority of castmembers are under contract for seven seasons, but Tom Welling is contracted for a total of eight seasons. And, you may remember, Michael Rosenbaum told me he plans to leave after next season, and my sense is that some of the others would follow suit. So, it’s really up to the CW as to whether they would do an eighth season with Clark if some of the others don’t re-sign.

Michele in Oberlin, Ohio: I’m surprised ANTM's Jael got booted from the show already. I thought she’d go all the way.
Actually, I got Jael on the phone on Friday and she has no regrets whatsoever. She’s already making plans for her next project: a TV show she would host that would introduce new music and artists. She’s shopping it around as we speak and has very high hopes. As for modeling, she’s still hoping to storm the high-fashion world, but she has no desire to do commercial work: "I can’t be bubbly and fake. It’s just not me."

Greg in Lisle, Illinois: What's the deal with The Loop? Is the show being dropped like everything else funny on Fox?
Oh, poor Loop-y. I dig it, too. The good news is season two premieres June 10, but the bad news is star Bret Harrison has already been snapped up for a new show. I spoke to Bret and costar Nikki Reed at the recent T-Mobile Sidekick iD launch party, and he told me, "I did a pilot for the CW called The Reaper. Kevin Smith directed it, so it's funny and scary. You know how, like, Supernatural takes itself very seriously? We're trying to do that, but wink at the audience that we know we're a stupid horror show." And Nikki dished, "I'm the love interest. Eventually, I'll probably be the girlfriend."

Carissa in Vidalia, Georgia: Mrs. Ari’s gonna be on The Young and the Restless? Does that mean we'll finally learn her first name?
Actually, I recently asked Mrs. Ari herself, Perrey Reeves, that exact Q, and she replied, "Ohh! You know, we’ve got that tradition with HBO. Mr. Big, what was it, the last episode that we learned his real name? Maybe that’ll be the case with Mrs. Ari, too!"


Denise in Covington, Virginia: This Gizzie thing is really pissing me off. Tell me George will come clean with Callie this week.
Sorry, but their secret will stay hidden from Callie for at least a few more weeks, though she knows something's not right.

Samson in Newport Beach, California: Are Cristina and Burke really going to get married?
They really are going to make it to the altar in the season finale, and the wedding will be everything Cristina did not want, as evidenced by that hilarious pic above! She'll wear a big dress, have bridesmaids and be writing her own vows. So much for the justice of the peace.

Gillian in Scottsdale, Arizona: So, exactly how bloody is tonight's episode of Heroes? I have a weak stomach! How many die?
Two die. One sticks. (Didn't I just give that tease on Grey's Anatomy?) And here's the funny thing. Even though they spent a good week shooting the face-off (or shall I say scalp-off?) between Peter and Sylar, the scene is like, oh, a nanosecond. Poor Sendhil was on the ceiling for a week (he says so in the Vine show), and it's all over before it seems to begin. Which to me just shows one thing: This show is a pain in the ass to shoot. Extremely time-consuming. And extremely worth it.

Ken in Boulder, Colorado: Will we see Nathan become president on Heroes?
Sources tell me visions from the future are not always as they seem.

Chloe in Dublin, Ireland: Any info on if we will be getting any more hot Sawyer and Kate scenes on Lost?
Well, I can tell you what Evangeline Lilly told me: "I'm at the mercy of the writers as much as the audience is; I just have to keep rolling with the punches...So far, they haven't thrown me any curveballs, but you never know." Sounds to me like the writers are staying the Skate course. Sorry, Jaters. For the record, I am neither a Skater nor a Jater but a SkaJater, meaning I want my Skaters and Jaters all to feel the love. Maybe Lost can move to Utah and SkaJate can all be one big happy family in two houses surrounding one pool?

HenryLee in London: Please, I'll take any news you have on Lost!
Well, there's a lot going on as far as that mysterious visitor from last week, who you probably figured out by the credits is Miss Marsha Thomason from Las Vegas. (Maybe she blew off a Vegas rooftop like Lara Flynn Boyle and landed on Lost island?) She is a major twist to the plot, from what I hear. I also hear that [read only if you want to know!] this week there will be shocking moment when the fallen angel (Thomason) tells Hurley the fate of the real (wtf?!) Oceanic Flight 815.

Carmela in Wisconsin: Lost!
We'll definitely see more of Sawyer and Sayid working together. How far they've come—from torture to teamwork! Yay, S & S! Plus, sounds like Penny's dad, Charles Widmore, may be seen again. Alan Dale (also Big Daddy Meade on Ugly Betty) tells me, "When I was at the Golden Globes, one of the executive producers came up to me and asked, 'Would you like to come back?' And I said yes, of course, if we can work it out, although obviously Betty comes first." If only his son Daniel Meade had such priorities! (Did that last ep break your heart or what?)

Tara in Pensacola, Florida: I so love Ugly Betty. Can you give me any scoop?
The finale is called "East Side Story," and the storylines will be tied together by a beloved Broadway musical. Yee! Who knew that song "America" referred to the divine Ms. Ferrera?

Raquel in San Francisco: Anything interesting to tell us about Law & Order: SVU?
Judith Light's run on the show as Elizabeth Donnelly is not over. Yet. When I spoke to the erstwhile Angela Bower (whee!) at the GLAAD Awards, she told me that even though she now has the full-time gig on Ugly Betty, when it comes to SVU, "I'll probably do a couple more, to fulfill my contract."

Jeff in Beryl, Utah: Any info on the new season of Weeds?
I'm finally starting to get some info leaked in. Yay! I'm told that Nancy Botwin will be looking for legit employment. And, hell, that's good news given that the last time we saw her (in a kitchen surrounded by automatic weapons), she looked like she might not survive.

Christie in Chicago: Anything on Medium?
Allison's family will suffer through public ridicule thanks to the press before the season ends. Her work with the D.A. will be disparaged, and it will snowball into some sort of town scandal.

Zabel in Pine Bluff, Arkansas: What's coming up on Desperate Housewives besides Gaby's and Susan's weddings?
We're going to meet several extended family members, including Victor's dad and Edie's mother...even though she's been dead for years.

Jessica in Rio de Janeiro: I need information about the Bones season finale. Please!
Claro que sim! Angela, Hodgins, Booth and Bones all play a rousing game of musical altars. Yes, altars. Dum, dum, da da. Dum, dum, da da. Hmmm…Hey whaddya think are the chances David Boreanaz will end up at mine?

Thomas in Santa Rosa, California: Smallville! Do you know when we will find out what Chloe's power is?
Yep. Chloe's power will be revealed during the season finale, and Lois Lane plays a large role in the big reveal. Eek!

Jake in Houston: Anything you can tell us about Chloe's abilities?
Sources tell me it is a lot like the scene between Peter Petrelli and Claire on tonight's Heroes. See, now I just made you S-ville fans watch Heroes. Call that the power of persuasion of an obnoxious tease!

Jackson in Miami: What's ahead on Veronica Mars? I can't wait for it to return!
You and me both, daddy. I just watched the first episode back and it is soooooo freaking good! Feels a bit more like first season and there is something that happens towards the end of the ep that will break your heart--and then make it leap out of your chest! What was the name of that rock band with the painted faces again? Let's just say their name provides quite a shocker in the first ep. back. (Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout a KISS!)

Go a Q or a tip? Feel free to email me at or hit the "Ask Kristin" button at left. Then check back next Monday for my new Vine show and Tuesday for the chat to see if you've been answered.

Happy tubing!


—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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