Heroes: Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettierre

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Warning:  Do not read this if you have not yet seen last night's Heroes.  



Last night was a pretty emotional episode of Heroes, was it not? While I try to find my voice after getting all choked up at Claire-bear and Daddy Rimmed Glasses' farewell (heart wrenching, was it not?!), let me share with you this...

Bloody Important Note:  I just went to the Heroes set and...Oh. My. Gore. I can show you just about...oh, let's see...nothing from my visit for the time being, because it's such a huge, secret episode, and I'm under strict orders from NBC. Let's just say there was a bloody, gory, end-of-the-world battle going on, with lots of blood and bumps and bruises (perhaps life-threatening) for some of our Heroic faves, so I can't show you any of the gruesome footage until closer to the episode's airdate (sometime in April or May). But, ohhh, how I can't wait to show you! It's gonna be insane! Bloody insane!

The wait might kill me, but in the meantime, I can show you a few of the people who went (relatively) unscathed, so look for them in the next few episodes of my all-new Vine show, which launches every Monday. 

Now, let's assess the Top Ten Things We Learned Last Night:

  1. Hiro's dad is in on it all! 
  2. HRG and Invisible Claude were partners!
  3. "Morally gray" is part of the job description at Primatech Paper!
  4. Paper-company workers call their employer the Company. So do CIA employees. Coincidence?
  5. Claire-bear has an awesome power and an iron will. Our cheerleader is all growed up, and I adore her. Anybody else want to just watch the Claire and Matt show?
  6. The Haitian was recruited when he was just as a wee lad, but he's good people.
  7. The "symbol" is at least 15 years old.
  8. Mr. Bennet loves Claire, and Claire loves Mr. Bennet. Awww...
  9. Claire flatirons her indestructible superhair.
  10. Post-Radioactive Ted, Mr. Muggles and Lyle are going to be scarred for life—but thanks to the Superfriends, not literally! Whee! Yay Heroes.

Jack Coleman Felt the Love, Too:  Jack Coleman (HRG) did a conference call with reporters recently and, when asked about particularly memorable scenes, tipped us off in advance to the awesomeness that was Claire's farewell to her father, saying, "I'll just say that the end of episode 117 [is]...very emotional. I think of all the scenes that I've done—and there are many that are fun and memorable—the end of 17 is the one that is really stuck with me." Sniff, sniff. We fans feel the same.

Sylar Versus HRG Is on Hold for the Moment:  Even though Sylar started this whole crisis by being the Bennet's first very naughty, family-threatening home invader, he and HRG are taking a step back for the next few episodes. Says Coleman: "The antipathy toward Sylar is put on the backburner for a little while because other things come up and superceded, and Sylar's out on his own. HRG has other things on his plate which are demanding his full attention." (Sob. Like Claire losing her daddy!)

Mama and Mr. Muggles May Still Be in Danger!  I asked Jack whether this might be the last we'd see of his wife and son, and he confessed, "I can honestly say I really do not know the fate of Sandra and Lyle, Sandra being my wife played by the wonderful Ashley Crow and Lyle is Randall Bentley. But I don't think they're going to completely disappear."

Next Week on Heroes:  Linderman finally shows his face! And I haven't seen him yet, but I'm pretty sure the dude's got shifty eyes...

Coming Up:  Peter is getting stronger! When asked about his "own personal Yoda" (the Invisible Man, Christopher Eccleston), Milo tells me: "Okay, we'll talk in Star Wars. [Peter's] going from a New Hope to Empire Strikes Back, where he is a little bit of a Jedi, he can use his abilities, but he can’t use them entirely. Not to their full pinnacle. Not yet. But he will." Watch your back, Sylar!

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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