Hurrah! It's another installment of Hump-Day Stumpers, in which your host (that's me) reveals a harrowing (but hilarious) incident from her own past, along with a little ditty about a certain TV actress. Enjoy! (And shhh...Don't tell.)

One-Note Nelly: Once upon a time, Nelly was supposed to be a leading lady of a certain show we talk about pretty often here at WWK Central. She was sexy, driven, edgy and seemingly perfect for the part—but as it turned out, she couldn't act her way out of even the most simply crafted scene. Her one-note performance drove the producers a little nuts, so they soon began plotting her death. When the death scene actually went down, the cast and crew gathered together for a party, and when Nelly bit the dust, the room broke out in raucous cheers.

Fick Buddy: This one is short but not sweet. A certain TV star we all love once text-messaged me (yes, me, your lowly couch potato) at 2 a.m.: "Are we gonna fick or what?" It was from a BlackBerry that had both the "I" and "U" on the same key, and I'm proud to say (especially if my fiancé is listening) that I promptly replied: "Fick you!" (Hmmm…Or was there an "I'll" before that message? Anyway, you get the gist.)

Guesses? Theories? Comment below!

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