Jonas Brothers, Rolling Stone

Max Vadukel for Rolling Stone Magazine

The Jonas Brothers are pretty much perfect—they’re adorable, have spectacular heads of hair and wear cool clothes. And that is exactly the reason why their Rolling Stone feature is, um, boring.

At least it is until the end, when the writer insinuates there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ going on between the youngest bro, Nick, and up-and-coming Disney star Selena Gomez. The two are totally touching in a blurry picture taken backstage that a Disney publicist asked to be deleted but, of course, was not.

And now the graphic details of a photo that could devastate legions of fans. Seriously, don't continue reading if you can't take it:

"It’s a picture of Nick, Joe, Kevin and, yes, a beautiful young brunette in a scarlet-red top. Nick has his arm around the girl’s back and the girl’s arm is wrapped around his. Her name is Selena Gomez, she’s Demi Lovato’s best friend and a big new Disney Channel star. The genuine affection in the photo is obvious."

Pretty steamy stuff, right? A little too much Disney incest, if you ask us. Kids, learn from the mistakes of Mouseketeers past: Disney relationships never last (and they're total trouble!).

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