Everyone flocking to The Dark Knight this weekend will get a look at this teaser, but not everyone may know what to make of it.

Unless you're a fan of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' comic classic Watchmen, it's hard to figure out what these images mean beyond Billy Crudup joining the Blue Man Group. Unlike the Dark Knight's bruising realism, Zach Snyder's follow-up to 300 seems to be going for the kind of operatic slo-momentousness that only a Billy Corgan song can provide. The Vietnam war images, for one, remind us too much of Rushmore's stage production of the conflict for their own good.

Don't get us wrong: We are so there. But we wonder if this story, which is less a superhero fantasy than a comment on the uses and misuses of power, would be better served by a more straightforward clip (albeit one that includes the leather-clad heroine in the burning building—that's just cool).

Do you agree—or want to start something in the comments?

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