Gisele Bundchen, V Magazine (interior)

Mario Testino for V Magazine

Oh my! We couldn't help but blush a little when this racy photo made it into our inbox.

Any guesses whose perfect behind just refuses to be covered by denim in this photo shoot?

Gisele Bundchen, V Magazine

Mario Testino/V Magazine

Ah, of course it belongs to Gisele Bündchen. Homegirl just can't keep her clothes on for any magazine lately.

We spotted the supermodel shooting these photos for Mario Testino a couple months ago, but we had no idea they'd wind up on the cover of V magazine or that they'd be so in our face.

There's an article that goes with these pictures as well, but, uh, obviously we were a little too distracted by other things to decipher the actual words, so you're going to have to read what Gisele has to say on your own. Sorry.

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