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There are always people around celebrities. How come there is not more dirt about how celebrities really act behind closed doors?

Because most of the "dirt" witnessed by most assistants, bodyguards and other entourage members—drugs, the Gay—would trigger a libel suit if printed. Even if it were true. And the press just doesn't want the headache. Speaking of headaches, let's get this batch of your Burning Q's over with.

Who, among all American Idol alumni (not just winners), has sold the most albums?

Easy. Kelly Clarkson.

My beloved, my name is Jeniffer, I am a beautiful young black African woman from Africa.

Hey, that's ffabulous. Good ffor you, sweetheart.

Why do celebrities issue statements after a breakup claiming they are "still friends"? If they broke up then who cares?

"They think this makes them look sweet and human," veteran publicist Howard Bragman says. "I often prefer a bit of honesty, as in, 'I must have been really drunk when I met that one.' "

Did you really receive gifts, celebrity-style, on the Fourth of July? Do other people besides actors get presents just for showing up someplace? What kinds of gifts do they get?

Yes, I did. Aside from celebrities, entertainment and fashion marketers routinely try to gift reporters, particularly ones like me, who cover Hollywood culture, and—wait. Are you saying I'm not a celebrity?

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