John Oates

Ron Galella, Ltd./

An animated series chronicling the adventures of Hall & Oates' legendary other half, John Oates, and his mustache may soon be appearing on a television screen, not just when you close your eyes after an afternoon of piña coladas.

From "In a cartoon setting, the mustache has its own personality," Oates says. "Just as I'm represented as the John Oates of today, the mustache is the John Oates of yesterday."

While certainly exciting news for fans of animation, '80s pop and hirsute upper-lip areas, this is dangerous ground they're treading on here.

We mean to say, if this project goes through—and we do believe they have the best intentions at heart—it seems only a matter of time before Ted Nugent starts getting ideas and we are forced to endure a half-hour cartoon about the Motor City Madman and his magical crossbow.

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