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In an act of utter madness, HBO is releasing a massive 28-DVD box set of the entire run of its tremendously successful series The Sopranos. The 10-pound, $400 doorstop is set to clog store shelves on Nov. 11, a date which seems conspicuously close to Christmas, if you're asking us.

Included with the shelf-straining compendium are the usual commentary tracks, deleted scenes, cast interviews, etc., but that, as is so often the case in these type of humor pieces, is not quite the whole story. The Soup Blog's crack investigative staff—i.e., Clog Narter—was able to uncover some additional information re: the box set which has not yet been widely reported on by the press, primarily because none of it is real.

Extra Features of The Sopranos DVD Box Set

• Limited first pressing only guarantees enough copies for each man, woman and child currently alive at time of production. Future generations will have to content themselves with identical second and, in select cases, third pressings

• In addition to the 28 DVD's and 2 CD's, each package will also include an authentic New Jersey delicatessen pastrami sandwich. (Warmth of sandwich may depend on location and time of purchase)

• Premier edition autographed by entire cast, series creator David Chase and, for some reason, Ahmad Rashad

• Extended cut of final episode features additional 22 minutes of soundless, black screen

• Each set includes a coupon which may be redeemed for ten percent off the cost of next year's Ultimate Ultimate Sopranos 412-disc box set

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