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Does an association with Scientology weaken an actor's star power? Aren't there elements of Scientology in the new school that Will Smith is helping build? Hasn't he denied involvement with Scientology?
—Emerald Arts, Australia

In order of your asking: (1) No, unless he/she starts yapping about it and jumping on couches, in which case, yes. (2) Yes. Per Fox News, the New Village Academy in Calabasas, Calif., which is getting $1 million from Will Smith, plans to implement several teaching techniques first developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. (3) Right. Smith's rep has said the actor is not a Scientologist. But then again, Smith has said he has studied elements of it through Tom Cruise.

Now go ahead and digest all that while I move on to more of your Burning Q's!

So I was just looking at the photos of the Sex and the City ladies at the premiere, and it got me thinking: Do the celebs really sit through the movies at the premieres?
—Allison J.

Sometimes. Years ago, I saw Uma Thurman sit through the premiere of Kill Bill: Vol. 1. But many times, the stars just show up for the red carpet, enter the theater and sneak out before the credits roll.

What kind of food is served at movie premieres? Are common people allowed in? Do you have to pay for the popcorn and Cokes?
Bill, Atlanta

Free popcorn and sodas are the norm. Common people are never allowed in, unless they get an advance ticket from someone running the event.

Answer B!tch, you are the best! I love the way you talk and the phraseology you use! Keep it up, there is no better entertainment!
—Theresa, Savannah, Ga.

I know it, especially now that the crew of Battlestar Galactica have had every last scrap of hope squeezed out of them—serves you right for believing in that old-timey religion, stupid president lady!—and the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 have gone on to...something. I forget already.

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