Away From Her: Julie Christie


7:41 p.m.:  Julie Christie, apparently, didn't get the memo. She won, she accepted her award and she's doing press back here.

7:42 p.m.:  Christie knows how to treat an Actor. "I don't need to carry," she says. "I can put it on the ground."

7:43 p.m.:  Now that her Actor's on the ground, Christie can cross her arms, and say whatever's on her mind. Which I suspect she will.

7:44 p.m.:  "She's quite mad," Christie says devotedly of her Away from Her writer-director Sarah Polley, and I'd say I was right.

7:45 p.m.:  An enterprising reporter asks Christie how she felt about winning. Those of you who guessed that she was sad are quite wrong. In a twist, Christie reports, "I'm very happy to get it."

7:46 p.m.:  Another enterprising reporter asks Christie, "Whose pants are you wearing tonight?" Christie doesn't miss a beat—or an opportunity: "They're my own pants," she replies.

7:49 p.m.:  The tell-it-like-it-is Christie doesn't sound too optimistic about the Oscars going on as we have known them: "We don't even know if it's going to happen," she says.

7:49 p.m.:  One last enterprising reporter asks Christie what she's doing next. Christie says nothing. The reporter says, "So, you're looking for a job?" Christie says, "No, I'm quite happy without one, actually."

7:50 p.m.:  I like Julie Christie.

7:51 p.m.:  Sayeth the SAG Awards flack: "That'll conclude our interviews...And it's raining outside."

7:51 p.m.:  Any more good news?

7:52 p.m.:  Here's a thought: I may have just witnessed the most star-studded awards show of the awards-show season. Sigh.

7:53 p.m.:  Any more good news?


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