Janet Jackson's comeback continues!

The singer debuted her "No Sleeep" music video with J. Cole Friday.

A clip premiered earlier that morning on NBC's Today.

"I hope u enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it," she tweeted.

The music video—her first since 2010's "Nothing"—opens with Jackson giving us serious "That's The Way Love Goes" vibes. That hair! Those subtle, slinky dance moves! Our favorite '90s singer is back! The camera follows Jackson through her house as she grooves solo. By the time she reaches the stairs and puts on a hat, it's almost as if we're watching 1998's "I Get Lonely" music video—for the first time!

Intentional or not, the nostalgia is very real!

Nearly three minutes into the video, J. Cole makes his entrance.

"I go my way / You go yours / You taste real life / I taste tours / Sweet at first, but after a while / Too much sugar they say is bad for your smile / And I wear a frown now / 'Cause I miss real / I miss a warm house and home cooked meals / And you miss junk food / That's why we work / You bring cooked food and I bring dessert," he raps. "And meet up at the place that we always do / The one swimming through my mind / That was always you / Our time together has inspired a song or two / Or three, or four or more, mi amor / I'm sure / Either you're the one or I'm caught in the matrix / Staying up for hours while we talk and get wasted / Not from weed smoke / This cheap wine / Drunk off love we both feel deep down / But too scared to say 'cause we know how this seems / Thinking, maybe we'd be better off friends with benefits / For the moment this adrenaline, got me feeling like a kid again / Butterflies like MJ / Had to fit it in / My schedule, check the bezel, gotta escape by 6 / Damn, how'd it get so late so quick? / The sun rising until the next time / I love diving in your mind and coming out with every diamond I can find / No sleep."

Be sure to watch the entire video to see photos from Jackson's childhood.

The singer's new album is scheduled for release this fall.

(E! and NBC are both members of the NBCUniversal family.)

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