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Kanye West's new interview with Style.com sure is a doozy!

The 37-year-old rapper recently sat down with the site to chat about everything from his new Adidas Originals Collection to his wife Kim Kardashian. Let's dive right in, shall we?

Here are the eight best quotes from Kanye's self-indulgent Style.com interview.

1. Kanye Thinks Kim's 2015 Grammys Look Was Best Dressed...EVER! When asked about styling his wife, Kanye revealed he believes Kim's recent gold Grammys gown was the best red carpet style moment in the history of fashion. "I'm biased, but I think the best red-carpet look of all time—if not, one of the top five—was my wife's look at the Grammys," he said. "You know what [Jean Paul Gaultier] just did. He said, ‘F--k the s--t. I'm making real s--t. I'm doing perfume and couture.' And by focusing on that, he delivered."

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2. And Kim Doesn't Just Win the Award for Best Dressed: The father of one went on to call Kim "the body of all bodies," adding that her signature curves are "sexy and still dignified."

3. Kim Hurt Kanye's Reputation: Kanye says his relationship with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star seriously hurt his fashion cred in the begging. "She was always my muse, now she's become other designers' muses," he dished. "But soon as we started dating, fashion people were really opposed to the idea of reality stars. And all the relationships, the somewhat friends that I had somewhat built up, completely turned their backs on her and me. They already had their back to her, and now they turned it to me. The so-called traction that I was getting in the high-fashion world was completely thrown out the window and I was finally allowed to go to school, where every day I was in my mom [Kris Jenner]'s house, in my little brother's old room, Rob's old room, re-tailoring a Céline skirt, re-tailoring a Saint Laurent jacket, re-tailoring a Zara top, re-tailoring Wolford...And day by day by day, [Kim and I] learned, we got better. We looked at the photographs together and she improved my style, we improved each other."

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4. His Recent NYFW Adidas Show Wasn't Perfect: In one of his most humble moments, Kanye apologized the long wait time prior to his Adidas show. "Yeah, I apologize that people had to wait. That's definitely not something I did on purpose," he admitted. "I actually had no idea what time it was. I wasn't looking at the clock or in charge of that. It's literally my first proposition in three years. So I apologize for the wait, to the people that had to actually wait at the New York fashion show. I apologize to the kids that had to wait in the 42 theaters where we streamed the show across the globe, I apologize to them for the wait. Let me just explain something to everyone. I'm sorry. I'm a human being. I've got opinions, I'm not always right, I'm not always on time, I don't always say things in the proper way, but my intentions are always extremely pure. My purpose is extremely just."

5. That Awkward Moment: What Kanye West interview would be complete without an uncomfortable moment between him and the interviewer? "Did you feel that you needed the voiceover at the beginning of the show? Why not let the clothes just speak for themselves at that point?" Style.com's Dirk Standen asked. "I think that question is a little bit offensive," Kanye answered. Standen clarified, "The reason I'm asking is because the wait and then the voiceover set it up for the audience to not be on your side when it started, I'm not asking to try to offend you," to which the Grammy winner responded, "This audience isn't on my side, anyways. It's the fashion audience. They're not even on their own side."

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6. Kanye Compared His Grandpa's Funeral to a Couture Fashion Show: "I went to my grandfather's funeral and my cousin stood up and told this story about how he won best-dressed in high school because his mom was a tailor," he recounted. "And I looked to the left of me and the lady was just as—and I hate this word—but just as chic...I dislike the concept of chic being the highest compliment for a human being. I'd rather someone be nice than to be chic. But regardless, this person that was sitting to the left side of me was both nice and chic. And to the right side, this person was also extremely nice and chic and a real person in Oklahoma City. And I looked at the entire funeral and I said to myself, ‘This looks just as good, if not better, than fashion shows that I go to in Paris.'"

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7. He Dissed Versace: While gushing over his Adidas line, he said, "I mean, this is the beginning of something really big. This is the beginning of something truly democratic. You know, I am here to take the best talents from fashion and give them to the people. Constantly. It's not some weird promotional lineup BS, like Versace doing something for H&M and for that one moment in someone's life they can have the one shirt."

8. Then There's This Rant: No explanation needed. "You guys know my f--king influences. I've got four influences and it's written all over the face, you know the combination," Kanye insisted. "Just as much as Drake is influenced by Kanye West, you know my f--king influences. You see Raf Simons right there, you see Helmut, you see Margiela, you see Vanessa [Beecroft], you see Katharine Hamnett. It's blatantly right there. I'm not going to try and act like I was influenced by a f--king dog walking down the street that broke its ankle that I had a heartfelt discussion with. I had a heartfelt discussion with all of these f--king Helmut Lang images that I stared at for so many years. I had a heartfelt discussion with my Tumblr."

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