Austin Mahone, Camila Cabello


Austin Mahone isn't dating Camila Cabello anymore, but he's still got her back.

So, when a report claimed the reason for the couple's breakup was that the Fifth Harmony singer only went public with their relationship to become more famous, Austin fired back and set the record straight.

Let's backtrack a moment, though. An unnamed source claimed to Hollywood Life that Camila, 17, only revealed she and Austin, 18, were dating as "a last-ditch effort" to save their relationship. According to this "source," Camila "wanted to tell people, and he wanted to keep it low key."

Austin Mahone, Camila Cabello

Rich Polk/Getty Images for Clear Channel

The tabloid's source went on to claim, "When she revealed that they were dating, he accused her of using it to sell albums and she was hurt by that and they both decided to break up."

Austin responded to the report on Twitter, writing, "that's the most ridiculous reason I've ever heard...Nothing like that even happened at all. Idk what source u guys talking 2."

Camila seemingly addressed the gossip as well, tweeting, "guys guys. nobody is the bad guy here and nobody deserves any hate. lots of love...goodnight"

"with that said, im taking a little break from twitter for a couple days," she added. "i love you all so much."

There doesn't seem to be any bad blood between these two, so what was the real reason for the young couple's split? Well, as Camila told KISS 96.1, "Hey, things happen."

She confirmed the breakup happened "recently" and joked that she was ready for some "mistletoe action" this holiday season!


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