Kristen Stewart may want to help launch another Twilight film, but just don't expect to see her in it.

It was announced earlier this week that Stewart has teamed up with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, Octavia Spencer and Frozen writer and director Jennifer Lee to launch The Storytellers—New Voices of The Twilight Saga, a contest in which young female filmmakers compete to make short films about the origin stories of Twilight characters.

I asked Stewart last night at the AFI Film Fest presented by Audi premiere of her new movie Still Alice if she planned on making an appearance in the winning films.

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"No," she said, before cracking, "I mean, I haven't gotten a call yet. Make me an offer."

Stewart said she "can't wait" to see what the contest hopefuls come up with. "They're doing this really great thing where they're allowing these young female filmmakers to explore what got them excited about Twilight in the first place and also to explore their own interest in filmmaking and creation," she said.

Speaking of creating, Stewart recently revealed that she's getting a loft space in downtown Los Angeles to explore other art mediums.

Kristen Stewart

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"I'm just like painting and really enjoying it," she told me. "My mom's a painter. I was just really excited to come off two years of solid work and to use my hands and not just my mind."

But don't go looking for Stewart's paintings in a gallery or museum anytime soon.

She insisted, "You will never see it."

In Still Alice, Stewart plays the daughter of a woman with Alzheimer's, played by Julianne Moore. Make sure to check back here later to hear what Stewart and Moore have to say about making the Oscar-buzzy film.

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