New Orleans Saints Cheerleader, Kriste Lewis

New Orleans Saints

If age is stopping you from accomplishing your dreams, then let Kriste Lewis be your inspiration.

The 40-year-old dance instructor hadn't shown off her cheerleading skills since high school, but she decided she wanted to go out and audition for the New Orleans Saintsations anyway, and it's a good thing she did.

"I wanted to set a goal for myself, and the audition was a specific date that required specific training, so my goal was just to make it to the audition," Lewis said, who lives with her husband and two sons in Mississippi, about 100 miles away from New Orleans. "Honestly, I really did not think I was going to make it."

Kriste thought wrong.

Not only did Lewis make the team, but she's the oldest woman to ever audition for the Saintsations and one of only two women over 40 to make the roster.

But that's not all. Lewis was diagnosed with a debilitating kidney disease that will eventually lead to dialysis treatments and the need for a kidney transplant, and this fueled her even more to go after her dreams. "I know my time is limited," Lewis said. "I don't want to let any time go. I want to make every day count."

Lewis will make her high-kicking debut on the field with the Saintsations when the New Orleans Saints play their first exhibition game of the season on Aug. 15 at the Superdome against the Tennessee Titans. "I can't wait to get on that field," she said. "Just being able to put a cheerleading uniform back on and go at it for my favorite team is unbelievable to me, and I'm having a blast."

Congratulations, Kriste!

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