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In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on Teen Wolf's new threat in season four, as well as a few new foes Sons of Anarchy fans will be meeting in the final season. And we've also included info on Revenge's Malcolm and Thea's father-daughter bonding time when Arrow returns for its third season. (Prepare for angst!)

Plus, we have spoilers on Pretty Little Liars' new hottie, Witches of East End's upcoming return, Graceland's dark season-two turn and more...

Darren: You guys never give away any info on Son of Anarchy. What gives?
Whoa there, Mr. TV Cranky-Pants. There's no need for your sass. We were just waiting until we had some particularly great scoop for you, and that time is now. When Sons of Anarchy returns next season, prepare to meet a whole lot of new faces including a soldier who doesn't put up with any b.s., an imposing jail guard, and Alice Johnson, an uptight sheriff with an edgy sense of humor.  

Valorie: In desperate need of some scoop on Pretty Little Liars, please and thank you!
Well, only because you asked so nicely. What do a surly nurse and a super-hot horseback riding instructor named Patrick have in common? They both will pop up in "Scream For Me," the ninth ep of PLL's new season. 

Nicole: Counting down the days until Revenge returns after that amazing finale! Will season four kick off with another big flash forward to a major event, like Emily's wedding in season three?
That's TBD, according to showrunner Sunil Nayar. But it seems likely that there won't be as the finale allowed the writers to "shake things up a little bit and do the unexpected and that said, I adore the flash-forwards," he told us. "But there's a chance to shake it up from the very first frame of season four, so fans think, ‘OK, this is a show that I love, but it's going to be different and surprise me.' There's a chance we might not do it."

Marcus: Anything more you can say about Victoria in season four of Revenge?
We had heard rumblings about her storyline for next season, but reliable sources confirm to us that nothing is set in stone as far as what her specific storyline will be. Needless to say, though, Victoria will probably start off in a very dark place, given that she has lost so much, and it should make for some fascinating TV!

Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf


Cody: I am so happy to hear John Barrowman will be a series regular when Arrow comes back! What can we expect to see?
A whole lot of father-daughter bonding (or fighting!) between Malcolm and Thea! "I can't wait to have some training sequences between father and daughter," John Barrowman tells us. "Let's see what will happen when he's teaching her to be a tough cookie. She's already tough, but he's going to hone all that in and make her a tough bitch. That's what he's got to make her." Ugh, is it October yet?!

Candice: Any Teen Wolf goodies to share?
Give us a beat for this scoop. No, really. We love every episode of Teen Wolf, but we especially love ones set at clubs, which is why we already can't wait for episode nine as the show is currently looking for a name DJ to come on in and spin...with a purpose. An evil DJ? Sold. 

Layla:  Do you have any Witches of East End spoilers you can share?!
Double, double, toil and trouble—there's a new badass chick emerging from the rubble. When Lifetime's witchy drama returns for its second season, it's bringing our new favorite character with it. Not only is Alex ridiculously beautiful, confident, and intelligent—she also has a dark side. By night Alex transforms into kickass soldier who is proficient in any and all weapons. One piece of advice: Do not get on her bad side.


James Minchin III/USA Network

Darren: Graceland comes back so soon! What can we expect from the new season?
A dark turn for Mike! "I'm kind of maybe not the nicest guy this year. It's a conversation I had with the writers," Aaron Tveit previewed for us. "I said, ‘I want to be a good FBI agent and I want to be interesting. I don't need to be likable.' I was like, ‘Do whatever you need to do.' It's really fun."

Tricia: Confession:  Royal Pains is one of my all-time favorite shows! And you never give us scoop!
Well, today's your lucky day as we just so happened to chat with Mark Feuerstein about the new season. After a darker turn last year, fans can expect to see "a return to our former glory," he spilled. "Blue skies, life is good and Hank returning to his patients, hands on, one-on-one, doing what I set out to do in the first place. But there are still great arcs in this season, great conflicts, and great new characters."

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