Justin Bieber, Yovanna Ventura

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Looks like Justin Bieber may have a new love interest!

The 20-year-old pop star has been seen cozying up to Yovanna Ventura, a beautiful brunette model who has been spotted spending ample time with the Biebs over the past few days.

The two were most recently seen acting "like a couple" on the Venice Beach boardwalk, where the pair "had drinks and snacks," according to an eyewitness. "Justin seemed very chill and happy," the source said, adding that the pair went on a rickshaw, and, while riding the bike, Justin had his arm on her leg the entire time.

So how did the twosome first connect?

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Justin Bieber, Instagram


"Justin wanted to meet her," a source close to the situation tells E! News. "He sought her out. It hasn't been too hot and heavy, but they have been hanging out a lot.

"Their relationship is blossoming. I wouldn't be surprised if they have now started dating," the source added.

"He reached out and they started talking in late March," the insider continued, revealing how the two first met. "In early April, when he came to Miami they hung out together for that weekend while he was recording in the studio. It was for a couple of days, the weekend. They were getting to know each other."

The source notes that the Biebs first noticed Ventura on Instagram and after meeting in Miami, "They continued to stay in touch and communicate."

About one month later, the two reunited and documented their dates on Instagram.

"The next time they met up was in Vegas this past weekend. She went to Vegas to meet him and she has been with him and his pals the whole time. She spent time with him and his friends and went to the Mayweather fight after parties," source said. "They headed to L.A. and went to Venice."

In fact, Ventura Instagrammed a pic with the Biebs in Sin City (where J.B. also partied with pal Kylie Jenner), captioning the photo in which she's wearing a sexy white dress, "#lp #mayweather w' mi amigo @justinbieber"

As for Ventura's feelings towards Justin?

Justin Bieber, Instagram


"She thinks he is a nice, sweet guy, a gentleman. She thinks he is a good guy and good looking," the source said.

And the feeling is apparently mutual.

"Justin really likes her. I think he really enjoys being around her. She is just such a genuine person and he likes to talk to her," the insider dished.

So who exactly is the lucky lady who's possibly being romanced by the Biebs?

Yovanna is 18 years old and is still in high school in Miami. She will be graduating in June.

"She started modeling about a year ago. She is just starting out, but she has talent for modeling," another source said. "She has mostly been focused on school and getting finished up."

The 5-foot, 9-inch beauty, who weighs about 124 pounds, gets paid to promote herself and products on Instagram, and "loves working out and is very into fitness."

"She has a great body and build...Her personality is that she is very humble and shy but she has a goofy side too," the second source said. "She is a nice person, a good girl...wholesome girl."

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