Matthew McConaughey faces some serious competition from his fellow actors up for a Best Male Actor in a Leading Role Academy Award this year.

But if the Dallas Buyers Club star does win an Oscar, he's already planned out a portion of his acceptance speech. As he said on Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, "If I start with 'Alright, alright, alright and thank you,' I really can't go wrong,"

Truth. But Jimmy was worried that Matthew "wasted [his] A-material on the Golden Globes" when he led with his Dazed and Confused line. "You should've saved it for the Oscars," he joked, adding that the Texas native now has "a lot to live up to" if he wins the Academy Award.

But Matthew doesn't seem to a problem repeating that opening line, telling Jimmy he'd start an Oscars acceptance speech with those same "first three words I ever said on film."

The late-night host wanted to know if Matthew could work his "just keep livin'" line in this time, too. "Yeah, yeah, that should be easy," said the actor. "That comes up pretty easy, too. I'll that's how I'll come back around. If I start with 'Alright, alright, alright,' it'll swing back somehow to 'just keep livin.'"

So will Matthew get the chance to thank the Academy with some Dazed and Confused lines? We'll have to wait until March 2 to find out!

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