Tyra Banks

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Wanna be on top?

Well, if Tyra Banks has anything to do with it, you won't have to obsessively diet in order to make it in the business.

The former Victoria's Secret Angel and host of popular reality competition America's Next Top Model recently dished on her dislike of the pressures to remain thin in Hollywood, and her decision to embrace a more realistic figure.

"I don't believe in diets," she told Us Weekly at Wednesday's screening of the upcoming cycle of her reality show.

And it's a belief that has led Banks to be pretty lenient with the contestants on America's Next Top Model, too.

"I don't do a good job of helping [my girls] lose weight, even if they might need to," she confessed. "We stock the house really bad, and then they complain, like, 'We're eating all this crap!' For me, I don't want them to feel all crazy like models in my day felt. I don't care –gain some weight, whatever. I know how to choose a shot that's the most flattering."

And as for herself, Banks has no problem practicing what she preaches, especially since she realized a few curves won't stand in the way of her success.

"To me, it's like, I lost weight a couple of years ago and that just changed the way I ate, it changed the way I thought," she explained. "I actually got too thin because I have tunnel vision. So when they said this is what you have to do, I was too strict, and I realized I needed to cheat way more because it didn't look good. I didn't realize I was too thin until I started seeing pictures and I thought, 'Oh, I don't like that. That doesn't look good.' I need some ass."

But that doesn't mean there are things about her body that she doesn't like.

"I have too much cellulite right now," she confessed. ""The shape is fine, but, honey, I have on stockings! I can't do short skirts without stockings anymore, so I don't like that."

And for those occasions when stockings won't do the trick?

"I retouch that crap out."

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