Kate Hudson, The Tonight Show, Prince William, Prince Harry

Paul Drinkwater/NBC; Dave Thompson - WPA/Getty Images

Seeing how her mom is Goldie Hawn, you could arguably say that Kate Hudson is Hollywood royalty.

So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to learn that the 34-year-old actress has a slight connection to the royals.

"Prince William and Prince Harry actually stayed at our house in Colorado when they were kids," Hudson told Jay Leno during an appearance on Wednesday's Tonight Show. "We were all in L.A. and they were staying with their mom at the time and we get this phone call at the house."

She continued, "Sure enough, I think it was Prince William calling my dad to ask if he could use the ATVs, the four-wheeler things."

Upon hanging up, "My dad goes, "That's a really well-raised boy.' It was pretty cool."

And while Hudson said she has never actually met any of the royals, she admitted to staying on top of the arrival of William's son, Prince George. Of course, the mother-of-two didn't have much of a choice.

"It was insane, actually," Hudson recalled of all the media coverage while she was over in London at the time. "You can't help but follow it. It's on every news channel. That's all you saw."

Yep. We can totally relate.

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