KKTM 503

Covert operations were the name of the game this week: Kourtney Kardashian had to write secret texts to avoid getting mad at Scott Disick; Scott had to sneak around a bit in order to avoid upsetting Kourtney; and Kim Kardashian had to lie (and put Jonathan Cheban in a breast pump) in order to procure a magical remedy for her psoriasis.

Ultimately everyone was busted, but that's what happens when you keep secrets. Someone is bound to find out eventually, especially if you're in the Kardashian family!


Always Ask: Kim was looking for a homeopathic remedy for her psoriasis and happened upon an interesting tidbit: breast milk is supposed to help a lot with the skin condition. Conveniently, Kim has a supplier for a sibling. But rather than ask Kourtney, Kim opted to steal breast milk when Kourtney wasn't around, with the help of her partner in crime Jonathan.

Eventually Kourtney found out, but only after poor Jonathan had to wear a breast pump for the cause. Kourt was a little weirded out, but didn't have a problem with the treatment...just the sneaking. In fact, she was prepared to give Kim a sample straight from the source!

A Friend in Need Might Be a Lesbian: Last week, Scott made a new friend in Chapman. This week, he met a new friend through Chapman's Sunday pool party. Dani turned out to be about as similar to Scott as a girl could be, and Scott figured it would be fine for them to hang out since Dani's a lesbian. But Kourtney still got upset over Scott being away from home, which lead to Scott feeling trapped.

And things were going so well...Dani had even come up with a name for Scott's boat: the Les'Boat.

Text It Out: In her worries over Scott, Kourtney talked to her therapist, who suggested that she write down in a text what she wants to say to Scott but not send it. This was working well for a while until Kim accidentally sent all the texts to Scott, sparking another Scott & Kourtney argument. But with some advice from Dani (and a little ice cream), Scott and Kourtney worked it all out.


"I'm having an unbelievable conversation with the lesbians. They get me." — Scott

"We're Bonnie and Clyde with breast milk. This is ridiculous" — Jonathan

"We're like three peas in a pod over here in a very weird, weird pod." — Scott

"My milk is like gold." — Kourtney

"I feel like we're workaholics in our relationship. No one can say that we're lazy." — Scott

"My sister is stealing my breast milk? What a weirdo" — Kourtney

"I'm not comfortable with it like, fresh out of the boob." — Kim

Tune in Sundays at 9/8c for more all-new episodes of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, only on E!

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