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Add this to your bucket list: Work for Tina Fey.

The 30 Rock cast met up in NYC for a series wrap party, and our biggest takeaway is that, even after seven seasons of hard work, everyone still seemed to adore working for the hit NBC comedy and its fearless, femme-fatale leader.

"I think [Tina] is one of the great writers of our generation," gushes co-star Jane Krakowski. "I think everyone would say this who worked on the show from start to finish: If she called [me to work with her again], I would come running." (E! Online is a member of the NBCUniversal family.)

"It was a really nice place to work for over 200 people for more than seven years," Fey says of her proudest accomplishment. "We had a really good place to go and work. That will stick in my mind even more than the comedy that we made."

And...cue the waterworks! The cast and crew have known since May that the show would be ending, but apparently the long lead time didn't make it any easier to say goodbye. The bond is that strong.

"We were pretty emotional," star Scott Adsit tells us of the last day of filming. "Some people really lost it and we had to stop filming for a little bit."

"At the end of last season," Krakowski recalls, "when we found out, I remember hugging Tina and starting to cry and I thought we would be more mentally prepared. But yesterday came, and I realized I'm in complete denial. It has been such a joy ride...Tina is crazy pants and I'm going to miss everything about her!"

 "We spent seven years together. Everyone's had babies and gotten married and it's hard to say goodbye," Fey adds.

 And while Alec Baldwin called the farewell "bittersweet," he added, "I have a lot in my life to be grateful for." We're guessing he's mostly talking about his new wife Hilaria Thomas, who is apparently also helping to keep his party style on the straight and narrow.

"I"m a non-drinker," Alec told us at the soiree in NYC. "But yeah, I'm going to party tonight. Carrot sticks and hummus. Kale! It's all about kale."

Don't go too crazy!

Alec is also, apparently, considering a career change. "I need a job," he tweeted after the show wrapped. "Will Tweet for $." 

Any takers?

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