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New showrunner, new rules. Or something like that.

Our sources confirm that four Smash cast members will not be returning as series regualrs in season two. Did the TV gods answer our prayers and banish annoying Ellis? Is Michael Swift staying away from Julia for real this time? Here's what we know:

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One half of our TV prayers have been answered, because Ellis (Jaime Cepero), he who lurks in corners and calls himself a producer all the time, will not be back in season two as a series regular. Take a moment to let that joyous news soak all the way down to your bones. However, our source tells us that it's possible he'll be back for an episode or two, presumably to wrap up storylines. And hopefully to get hit by a speeding bus while eavesdropping on someone's conversation on the street.

Are we also losing Leo? We wish. Nope, Julia's (Debra Messing) bratty son is sticking around for now. However, we are losing Julia's husband! Frank (Brian d'Arcy James) will also not be returning as series regular next year.

And the cuts just keep on coming. We're also getting rid of Karen's (Katharine McPhee) douchbag cheating boyfriend Dev (Raza Jaffrey). Good riddance, right? 

Not making us say "good riddance" as much is the loss of Michael Swift(Will Chase). We didn't love his cheating ways, but we did love his Joe DiMaggio. News of the cast shake-up was first reported by and The Hollywood Reporter.

Poor Julia...losing both men in her life. Safe to say that Josh Safran is axing the pregnancy storyline hinted at in the season-one finale?

As with Cepero, Jaffrey, Chase and d'Arcy James could return for one or two episodes to finish out their storylines or give us an explaination for why they're leaving.

Safran, the former Gossip Girl showrunner, has taken over as captain of the Smash ship, and it appears he's making some big changes for season two.

Smash fans, reactions to this news? Anyone else you don't want in season two?

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