Live from New York it's...30 Rock!

The NBC comedy is staging its second live show tonight, and it's safe to say fans can expect a whole lot of craziness and surprises from the gang when it hits Saturday Night Live's iconic Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

We were lucky enough to chat with Tina FeyTracy Morgan and more during rehearsals for the live show to get all the scoop on the flashbacks (a special guest is playing young Liz Lemon!) and why on Earth they're so nervous:

Fey admits to us that she was surprised when the network wanted another 30 Rock live episode, saying, "NBC asked us to do it a second time, so we were like, 'Oh yes, sure!' It's really fun to do and I didn't think they would ask to do it again because I think it costs a lot of money."

While Jane Krakowski says doing the live show last season was "terrifying," Jack McBrayer says, "I think we did rise to the challenge last year, so it was an exciting adventure for us to do again." 

SNL vet Morgan was tells us, "It's going to be electric. It's live, you get a total response right there. I love it, there's nothing like live entertainment."

So what surprises does 30 Rock have in store for its live show?

"We've have a special guest playing Liz Lemon, we have special guests maybe playing some of our other friends," Fey teases before spilling that Will Forte and Community's Donald Glover will be just two of the guests viewers will be seeing during the live show.

"We have some fun flashbacks," McBrayer says, with Krakowski adding, "We look at the glory days of live television."

McBrayer says he's nervous about "swearing" during the show because "It's a very busy script. It's pretty complicated. A lot of changes for just about everybody, and we're zipping all around to different stages."

What else is the cast nervous about?

Morgan causing them to break during a scene, of course. "I love making people laugh, period. It's what I was born to do, but I'm a professional," he says. "I'm Hollywood royalty, I'm a descendant of Clark Gable and I carry that with pride."

As for what's ahead for her character, Fey says she's looking forward to Liz exploring the possibility of motherhood.

"I'm very happy for Liz Lemon because she finally has a boyfriend who has stayed with her, fights for her and vice versa," Fey says of Liz's relationship with Criss (James Marsden).

"I'm glad for both the character that she's going back to her dream of becoming a mother, and I'm also glad for our show that we found a way to bring that thing back that we started four years ago."

30 Rock airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. on NBC.

-- Reporting by James Chairman

To hear more from Fey, Morgan, Krakowski and McBrayer, including their thoughts on the growth of their quirky characters, watch our interviews with them above! Are you excited for 30 Rock's live episode? Sound off in the comments!

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