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Old habits die hard with Eminem.

Slim Shady loves to roil the pop landscape with violent imagery that generates a lot of attention and his new music video for "Space Bound"—the fourth single off his latest album, Recovery—is no exception.

Can you say murder-suicide? 

See the full video after the jump...

[Warning: The clip below might contain language that some viewers could find offensive.]

The mini drama starts with Eminem hitching a ride on a lonely road from porn star turned movie actress Sasha Grey, who plays the lover who has spurned him.

In the car, the rapper splits into two versions, with a relaxed Emimen sitting in the front while his doppelganger spouts expletives at her from the backseat. The pair go to a diner, and then the split-screen begins. The calmer Eminem takes a seat by himself at the counter while his angrier alternate joins Sasha in a booth. When she goes to the bathroom, the jealous Em sneaks a peek at her cell phone and realizes he's been cheated on, at which point it's all downhill.

"I blow my brains in your lap and lay here and die in your arms," he raps cryptically about what's to come.

The two go to a motel where the emcee melts down. He attempts to choke Grey, only for her to disappear in his arms, and then he pulls out a gun and kills himself.

Sounds like an Eminem video, all right.

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