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Parents to be?

In this exclusive sneak-peek of tomorrow's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki Bella decides to find out if she's pregnant, as she's been experiencing symptoms and her period is late. With the support of boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev and mom Kathy Colace—along with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan via FaceTime—Nikki gears up and takes a test.

While awaiting the results, Brie jokes that she and her husband, born Bryan Danielson, have already picked out a baby name: Artemis Dick Danielson.

However, the mood quickly shifts when Artem reveals the test results. Nikki's not pregnant, and while she's happy, everyone else seems to be disappointed. 

"Part of me is sad," Kathy says, with Bryan echoing her sentiment by adding that he had gotten his hopes up. 

When Kathy asks how Nikki and Artem are feeling, the two respond at the same time—just with much different answers.

"Relieved," Nikki says, while Artem answers, "Bummed."

"It's a bit sad, you know, like I do want to have a family," Artem explains in a confessional. "And I actually really do think of that future with this woman. So it sucks because it was kind of like a slight hope for something that I do know I want. And it's negative."

When Nikki asks why he's bummed, Artem responds, "Is is that bad to be pregnant?"

"It's life-changing," Nikki says. "I love our life how it is now."

Artem is still upset, though Nikki doesn't exactly understand why.

"Well, I'm not feeling like, 'Oh my god, this is the happiest day of my life,'" he tells her. "Absolutely not."

Watch the emotional exchange in the above clip!

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