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Secrets don't make (boy)friends. 

Nikki Bella opens up in tomorrow's all-new Total Bellas about possibly being pregnant, but it's not her boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev that she makes the revelation to. Instead, she's discussing the prospect with her mom, Kathy Colace, in this exclusive preview clip.

The conversation is sparked by Nikki's hesitancy to drink a margarita due to "a certain way" she's been feeling.

"Well, I've been having cravings. I haven't had my..." Nikki says, trailing off before adding that she's actually "two weeks late."

Kathy appears to be at a loss for words—with the exception being "honestly?"—though she doesn't end up freaking out. In fact, she tells Nikki that she wants her to promise she'll have a boy.

Nikki, however, isn't sure she's ready to be a mother.

"It's only been a week since we got into our big argument, and honestly, this is just way too fast." she explains in a confessional. "I have so many things going for me. And right now, to think, getting pregnant, what it would do to my life, it would completely change it."

Nikki continues, "For me, it is so important to make sure Artem and I have this amazing, solid relationship and that we are ready to be parents—if that day ever comes."

Kathy's next comment certainly doesn't alleviate Nikki's concerns. 

"I hope you and Artem are doing really good because this will throw just another curveball into your relationship," she says.

Nikki freaks her mom out in return, revealing that she hasn't even told Artem.

"Oh my god, you kids stress the f--k out of me," Kathy says.

Watch the entire conversation in the above clip!

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