A dance Kevin Bacon will be proud of.

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new The Funny Dance Show, actress and comedian Sherry Cola cuts loose as she dances to Kenny Loggins' famous song, Footloose. Thanks to the hay bales and plaid shirts, it's clear that Cola is channeling the 1984 film starring Bacon.

For those who've never seen the musical drama, Footloose tells the story of a Chicago teen who moves to a Western town where dancing is prohibited.

Yet, it appears she has also incorporated The Red Shoes fairy tale into her number. As seen in the clip above, Cola doesn't find her country groove until she puts on a pair of bright red sneakers.

Upon putting on the trainers, the Good Trouble actress is able to line dance, twerk and so much more. However, by the end of the performance, Cola kicks off the shoes and embraces her less than perfect dancing. And, in a joyful turn of events, her back up dancers join in on the goofy moves.

This is obviously intentional as, following the number's completion, Cola declares her message is "be yourself."

"If you want to be a noodle, be a noodle," Cola adds.

Thankfully, judges Loni Love, Justin Martindale and Allison Holker are all about her quirky routine. Not only does Love declare Cola's dance "the cutest thing," Martindale says she is "bucking great."

"Starting out with bad dancing is brave, but also it's hard to bad dance and make it come out very successful out there," Holker remarks. "So, kudos to you! It was great."

Watch the routine for yourself in the clip above.

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