Ab 20. April
um 21:55 Uhr

Kris is keeping up with Kylie's demands!

In this clip from Thursday's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner takes care of youngest daughter Kylie Jenner following the latter's Lasik eye surgery.

"Kylie's just coming home from her Lasik surgery and she's a bit out of it," the famed momager relays in a confessional. "I just want to make sure she's ok, because the healthiest thing she can do right now is get some rest."

Kris goes on to give Kylie a little gold bell, that way she can ring if she needs anything. We're sure the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch regrets this decision as Stormi Webster's mom can't seem to stop ringing the bell.

Her first request? A glass of water with lemon and no ice.

While Kris is off getting the 22-year-old billionaire her beverage, Kylie rings the bell once more.

"I really want some tacos," the Kylie Cosmetics boss states.

"Some tacos," a shocked Kris responds. "Ok! Got it."

Like the doting mother she is, Kris whips up some delicious tacos for Kylie. Hilariously, the out-of-it Kylie continues to ring the bell until Kris returns with food.

Of course, Kris quickly turns the tables on the sightless Kylie. How? Every time Kris goes to feed the mother-of-one, she pulls the snack away.

"Mom, stop! This is so weird," Kylie snaps.

After doing this a few times and getting a good laugh, Kris finally feeds Kylie, whom celebrates the delicious meal with a little dance.

Watch the hilarious scene play out in the clip above!

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