John Legend

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John Legend gets on the stage at the TV Guide party at Les Deux, and the crowd goes nuts, though not as ecstatically as I would expect for a Grammy winner. Perhaps they're hungry? Aside from the occasional hors d'oeuvres or cheese and crackers under the cancan girls, this is a champagne-and-cigarette scene. Unless you're Stacy Keibler, who's holding her ubiquitous bottle.

One lucky girl gets to slow dance with Mr. Legend before he picks up the volume with "Dance with the Music." Dancing with the Stars' Joey Fatone arrives looking svelte—from the ankles up. C'mon, a suit with sneaks, Joey? You're not J.T.

Kanye West

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The crowd goes extrawild when Kanye West takes the stage. Especially Lisa Rinna, who's shaking her arms in the air like crazy. Legend joins in on "Gold Digger" to help out his fellow singer, who tells us he's losing his voice so he has to keep it short. Kanye closes with "Touch the Sky"—but stops midsong.

What's up, Kanye?

"I forgot the lyrics," the rapper says. "I'm way over the time they paid me for, anyway."

He walks out as the track continues to play and the space clears out. Could this party really be over?

Not quite.

"I crashed the Governors Ball," new arrival/Entourage assistant Rex Lee tells me of his slick party-girl maneuver. "Then we saw Duran Duran perform at ET."

Simon Cowell

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Meanwhile, Simon Cowell stampedes through the party with his own entourage—of very good-looking girls—and Jamie Foxx downs a round of tequila shots with his VIP table. Love the preppy sweater he's rocking!

The far corner is full-on Grey. Sandra Oh dances to "Satisfaction," while Ellen Pompeo hello-kisses beautiful couple Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. Justin Chambers is there, too, so the only one missing is the show's Emmy winner.

Oh, Katherine Heigl, where are you?

Well, as much as I'd love to give a congratulatory hug to the stunning award winner, the party's dying down. They've run out of glasses at the bar, and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon literally pop in and out in the time it takes me to reapply my lip gloss. Hey, it's been fun. Bonsoir, Emmys!

—Posted by Sydne Summer
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