30 Rock Cast

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Before we all get lost in postshow parties and analysis of what it all means, here's the official news wrap-up:

  • The Sopranos was sent off gently into that good night with Emmy's top prize, a trophy for Outstanding Drama Series...
  • ...while 30 Rock's prospects are looking up after its win for Outstanding Comedy Series.
  • Acceptance speech veterans such as James Spader, Sally Field, Jeremy Piven and Helen Mirren experienced déjà vu...
  • ...while newbies America Ferrera, Katherine Heigl and Jaime Pressly got to say their Emmy thank-yous for the first time.
  • HBO made its usual splash with 21 wins...
  • ...while NBC is hoping it can trade in some of its 18 Emmys for viewers this season.

For more, check out our recap of the 59th Annual Emmy Awards.

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