Helen Mirren

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7:08 p.m.:  The cast of Jersey Boys is harmonizing back here on "Walk Like a Man."

7:09 p.m.:  The guys sound lovely, but their performance in a pressroom is about as weird as, well, their singing in an Emmys telecast tribute to The Sopranos.

7:13 p.m.:  I didn't know Kenny Mayne won an Emmy.

7:14 p.m.:  The ESPN sportscaster didn't. It's Mayne look-alike Alan Taylor, who's back here after winning an Emmy for direction on The Sopranos.

7:15 p.m:  "Nobody has any questions about The Sopranos?" a flack asks in disbelief when the pressroom falls silent.

7:16 p.m.:  I hate to tell the flack, or Taylor, but I think it's that nobody has any questions for Taylor.

7:17 p.m.:  Somebody has a question for Taylor! The reporter wants to know about the German phrase he dropped in his acceptance speech. "I'm so glad that's the only question I'm getting tonight," Taylor says drIly. "Who cares about The Sopranos—it's over."

7:18 p.m.:  Well, I guess we know now where The Sopranos got some of its famous edge.

7:20 p.m.:  If I were the paranoid type, I'd think Helen Mirren was stalking me. Every time I go to an awards show—bam!—there she is. What's her excuse this time?

7:25 p.m.:  "I must be the only woman wearing the same shoes two years in a row," reports the well-traveled Mirren, whose excuse this time is her Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie Emmy for Prime Suspect: The Final Act.

—Filed by Joal Ryan 
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