Tom from Myspace, Emmys

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Find another live network broadcast that brings together Al Gore and Tom from MySpace, and we'll show you Ryan Seacrest dressed like a Victorian dandy. Here's the best of the worst, and vice versa, so far:

Weirdest Moment:  That climax-free Sopranos tribute, which brought the cast together to awkwardly wave and say goodbye before just kind of ending...Actually, when you think about the last episode, it was a totally appropriate tribute.

Prime Cut:  Now, that Helen Mirren is imposing. First the Prime Suspect star dares the orchestra to play her off, says some stuff about America, then, as she runs out of steam, wonders where the music is to play her off. Is it any wonder the woman is so believable playing capricious queens?

It's PBS, Bitch:  It's kind of awesome that the Emmys on Fox featured a bunch of winners from public television.

Brad Garrett

Steve Granitz/

He's My Friend, Too!  Tom, the first guy we ever met on MySpace, presented the Interactive TV award to Al Gore and that other guy. that Tom knows Al Gore, I wonder if the former veep will start getting those invitations to party with strippers, too.

Best Line (in Competition):  "I think you just made Charlie Sheen's to-do list," Brad Garrett to his comely costar, Joely Fisher. Garrett can be so funny, it kind of makes you wonder why that show of his, well, isn't.

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