There are so many famous folks roaming the red, it's downright dizzying. Here are just a few of the moments witnessed fiirsthand carpet-side:

Constance Zimmer

Lisa O'Connor/

Constance Zimmer, six-and-a-half months pregnant and spilling out of her dress, celebrating the nominations of Boston Legal and Entourage. Zimmer is on both, and both are nominated. Coincidence? We think not. 

House guest star Anne Dudek looking 15 years younger in real life than she does on either of her two other guest-staring gigs: as Alby's Nurse Ratched on Big Love or as Betty's pregnant, persistently smoking BFF on Mad Men

Must-see TV indeed: Ryan from The Office (B.J. Novak) and Cerie (Katrina Bowden) from 30 Rock together, as "just friends," for the big night. 

Kristen Bell

Alexandra Wyman/

Kristen Bell doing Keanu's bullet-dodging Matrix move for fun while waiting on the carpet for her Heroes cohorts to join forces for an interview.

Jack McBrayer (30 Rock's Kenneth the Page) making a point to greet Ugly Betty's Becki Newton and compliment her on her dress.

Matthew Perry arriving alone...Christina Aguilera arriving looking tense and strained...Aasif Mandvi from the Daily Show hanging out by the E! temple of scoop...Looky-loo Kyle MacLachlan and date lurking just inside the door at the Shrine.

Kathy Griffin

Jeffrey Mayer/

Kathy Griffin asking to get a picture with Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell. Charlie Sheen asking Kathy Griffin, "Hey, so what are you doing here?" Kathy replying with a grin, "I won!" Charlie: "What?" Kathy: "I won!" Yes, you most certainly did, and congratulations, too.

Sally Field daring to have actual gray hairs visible on her legendary Hollywood head, and looking amazing for it.

Our very own Kristin Dos Santos interviewing a real-live vice president of the United States. (Al Gore rawks!)

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