Katherine Heigl, Emmys

John Shearer/WireImage.com

Maybe it's the "five Chinese girls" or Katherine Heigl's mom, but this show feels magical. Or is it weird? Hard to tell. Here's the latest:

Most Unexpected Shift in Tone:  Ellen introduced a montage of hilarious, late-night-TV one-liners before the unexpected punchline: a somber, slow-mo tribute to the late Tom Snyder. That's dark, people.

Most Teachable Moment:  One minute the announcer gets Heigl's name wrong, the next she's a winner blurting out what sure looks like the word "s--t" upon winning. Let's hope she pronounced it right?

Best Mom:  Heigl's, who apparently told her daughter she wouldn't win. But she did like Conan O'Brien's chances for writing. Note to self: Ask her who she likes tomorrow night on Monday Night Football.

Most Culturally Sensitive (We Think) Moment:  Perhaps inspired by the moving tribute to Roots, Robert Duvall made time to thank "the five Chinese girls" who were his "magic potion" on Broken Trail. He wins our kudos because he could have said they were his "fortune cookies," but he totally didn't.

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