Terry O'Quinn

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5:20 p.m.:  As we await our first Emmy winner, let me note that no matter what Eva Longoria said on the Fox preshow about it being roasting here at the Shrine, it has actually been a very mild Emmys, temperature-wise. I just knew the organically grown desserts would stem global warming!

5:24 p.m.:  A reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune just asked me to stop bouncing my legs so much, on account of my bouncing is shaking the floor so much she can't jot down notes.

5:25 p.m.:  In my defense, these things happen when you eat too much sugar for the environment.

5:36 p.m.:  Terry O'Quinn, a Supporting Actor in a Drama Series winner for Lost, is the first Emmy bearer in our sights. To be honest, he's more pink than green. (It's a tie and shirt thing.)

5:37 p.m.:  No, it's not just you, the poor, confused viewer. Per O'Quinn, his Lost character Locke is "a bit of a puzzle—he's not entirely knowable."

5:38 p.m.:  About that pink-striped tie...O'Quinn's asked who made it. (An organic farmer, perhaps?) "Jeez, my wife told me, and I've forgotten," O'Quinn says, looking in vain for a label.

5:40 p.m.:  No, it's not just you, the poor, confused viewer, who wonders if Locke is really Lost's mysterious man in the chair. Says O'Quinn, "I have no idea."

—Filed by Joal Ryan

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