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4:53 p.m.:  I just spotted organically grown chocolate mousse on the food table, and by "spotted" I mean "consumed." Anyway, I'm digging the green kick the Emmys is on. I have got to find me that organic garden with the doughnut holes and the chocolate mousse. Maybe it'll have Milk Duds, too.

4:54 p.m.:  It does! It does have Milk Duds! Two young women are walking the pressroom, distributing, cigarette girl-style, Milk Duds and radios. The radios are so that we can hear the Emmy telecast even when interviews are being conducted. The Milk Duds are so that, um, our mouths are too full to ask questions?

5 p.m.:  It's Emmys time, and the big show is on four locally produced HDTVs.

5:08 p.m.:  I don't think host Ryan Seacrest was trying to be funny as much as personable, which is good, because the writers back here, some of whom are critiquing the show, weren't laughing as much as typing. 

5:11 p.m.:  I think Ray Romano is trying to be funny, and still no laughter.

5:12 p.m.:  But hey, I hear Romano's routine was organically grown, so good for the polar bears.

—Filed by Joal Ryan

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