Jeremy Piven

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The E! Online army spread out this week to tackle the Emmy gifting suites, the pimped-out lounges, houses and spas where stars gather to gobble up free trendy goodies and, well, be seen. Here's the latest:

Soft Serve:  As we arrive at the Silver Spoon Lounge at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, we catch Melissa Rivers just leaving. "Let me get all my ridiculous stuff," she says, trying to finagle bags filled with Superga shoes, Perry Ellis clothing and Magaschoni cashmere. (The lush fiber can be seen on eps of Desperate Housewives and the The Sopranos, and Lorraine Bracco is one of the line's many cashmere clients.)

Scarlett Johansson

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Robot Pickins:  Pop-culture nerds Seth Green, Simon Rex and Jeremy Piven scoop up coveted, limited-edition Reebok Voltrons, inspired by the '80s giant-robot cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe. The high tops even come with an old-school sneaker pump, so big score, right? Not to be outdone, celeb ladies hitting the same Kari Feinstein Emmy Suite score Scarlett Johansson's exclusive Reebok hoodies.

Ready to Mingle:  Also at Kari Feinstein, Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband Cris Judd picks up a ring, his second, from Swedish jewelers Singelringen, an affirmation and the single person's answer to a wedding ring.

Paula Abdul

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The Decider:  Inside Silver Spoon, Big Love's Daveigh Chase gets purple eyeshadow applied at the Make Up for Ever station to match her lavender summer frock. "I'm very excited," she says of Sunday's show. "I'm thinking about wearing a dress from French Connection, but I'm probably going to change my mind 10,000 times before I decide!"

Judge Duds:  At the same suite, the ladies of Single (known for hot, Mischa-like shifts and tops) report that, only days ago, American Idol stylists already pulled several looks for judge Paula Abdul to wear on the forthcoming season.

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