TV guru Kristin has made her Emmy picks, but her E! Online comrades want in on the action, too. So, all week long, they've been calling the winners:

Erik Pedersen at Cool Stuff says...

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Best Actor, Comedy:  Charlie Sheen
You already know how we feel about Alec Baldwin, and our neck tattoo of Steve Carell in thoughtful profile says more than mere words ever could. But let's be honest here: They're on funny shows, so how hard can they be working?

The guy who's breaking a comedic sweat each week (and every night in syndication) is Sheen. His one-dimensional Lothario on a traditional sitcom seduced viewers looking for a guilt-free good time and transformed his show into a ratings lovefest, the kind of program real people watch while the telegensia are at-home crafting overheated odes to Baldwin.

Kudos, Charlie—we'll see you at the after-party, you effin' stud!

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