TV guru Kristin has made her Emmy picks, but her E! Online comrades want in on the action, too. So, all week long, they're calling the winners:

Ted Casablanca of the Awful Truth says... 

Ted Casablanca

E! Entertainment

Best Actor, Drama:  Denis Leary
I live to bust Kristin's newly hitched ass, and I think Emmy time is the perf opportunity! See, everybody knows James Gandolfini will most likely take the Emmy for Best Actor, being the retiring Big Kahuna killer he is. After all, The Sopranos rules, right?

Wrong. Hugh Laurie is a quiet master of mirth, and James Spader is not far behind. But I'm tired of Spader's belly bulges, so forget him. I mean, why just crucify Britney for a bod too big in the middle, eh?

Anyway, I'm going with Leary from Rescue Me. He's an edgy hothead, he's getting great buzz for doing something different, and, besides, Kristin needs a little kick in the ballgown. Did you know her dressing room's bigger than Ryan's?

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