Guest Predix: Reel Girl on Dramatic Girls

von Caroline Kepnes Sep 11, 2007 20:16Tags

TV guru Kristin has made her Emmy picks, but her E! Online comrades want in on the action, too. So all week long, they'll be calling the winners:

Caroline Kepnes of Reel Girl says...


Actress, Drama Series:  Edie Falco, The Sopranos
I don't get how The Riches' Minnie Driver scores a nod for doing a southern accent, while Big Love leading sister wife Jeanne Tripplehorn goes unnoticed. Actually, I do get it. It's called publicity. Duh.

No offense to Patricia Arquette, Mariska Hargitay and Kyra Sedgwick, but I think I speak for the bulk of Emmy voters when I say I'm over the procedural drama.

Which leaves us with Sally Field of the Yuppie soap Brothers & Sisters and Edie Falco of our dearly departed Sopranos. Sally has a shot because it's fun to watch her make an acceptance speech, and the show had a lot of heat…er, a lot of heat back in '06.

But here's the thing. Sally is a shoe-in to be nominated again next year, and voters know it. That's why they will praise Falco. And she deserves it, even if she didn't have enough to do in this last season.